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2013 holiday gift guide for men

Published 11/12/2013 by

Putting together a gift list for the men in your life, come holiday season, can often come as a serious challenge. The trick to “on point” gifting is coming up with ideas that they probably hadn’t even considered. Outsmart them with your ingenuity and originality! I know what you’re thinking, whose got that kind of time?!  Sadly, we do. We’ve done the heavy-lifting for you and come up with a superior selection of distinctive and eclectic men’s gift ideas, as well as a few classics, for every guy on your gift giving list.


1)  Multi-Tool – Leatherman; prices vary

What guy doesn’t not-so-secretly wish he was a super hero? And though many of us can boast the best men in our life have many a heroic quality, we offer up this magical present to take things next level. One tool with upwards of twenty uses, this bad boy will have your dude feeling chuffed when he comes to the rescue (along with this) time after time after…

Leatherman - Wave Multi Tool

Leatherman – Wave Multi Tool


This KML Baxter California candle is a perfect everyday candle, burning an opulent blend of Cedar and Sandlewood.  Reminiscent of burning firewood, KML will fill your boy/friend’s dorm room with a unique and clean scent. It’s the next best thing to an actual fireplace!

UNIONMADE -  Baxter of California  KML Candle

UNIONMADE – Baxter of California KML Candle


3)  Two Tone brogues – Call It Spring; $80.00

The KOBAYASHI two-tone brogue is a dapper choice to explore some lace colour play. Keep it traditional with a brown or black pair or throw in red or blue for a pop of colour. No matter which way you rock them, this classic footwear style is timeless.


Call It Spring -KOBAYASHI

Call It Spring -KOBAYASHI


4)  Mulling Spices – Williams-Sonoma;  Set of 2, $25.90

Nothing says holiday warm fuzzies like a cupp’a cider. Whether or not the glass is half empty or half full, it’s going to be delicious! Stuff a pack of these mulling spices into your guy’s stocking. The spices are perfect for mulling wine and whisky too. I know you’re thinking, hot toddy’s are for the holiday season but who says the holiday season can’t spill into the New Year?


Williams Sonoma - Mulling Spices

Williams Sonoma – Mulling Spices


5) Travel Kit – J. Crew $48.00

Travel kits are an essential for any traveler looking to consolidate and systematize apparatuses of a hygienic nature. This is a superb gift for the young male on your list making the transition into adulthood. This classic kit from J. Crew will have their carry-on streamlined and make grooming on the fly that much more sophisticated.


J. Crew - Travel Kit

J. Crew – Travel Kit


6) Skinny-Fatties – Tie Tailoring; $34.00

SKINNY-FATTIES is a Brooklyn based tailoring service that will turn your “fat” ties into a skinny tie. This would be a stellar gift for anyone who is lucky enough to have access to their giftee’s ties. Raid the stack for a larger tie and SKINNY-FATTIES will whip out a snazzy slender tie for $34.00 flat. Better yet, if you’re a super star thrifter, this could be an adventure for you! Find a funky tie at a vintage shop and give it a second life. SKINNY-FATTIES  ships worldwide for free.





7) Terrarium – Apartment Therapy 


Think of this as a glorified version of your office plant. Build your own quirky terrarium for the green-thumbed man on your list. You barely have to water it; terrariums are very low-maintenance. It’s all about the misting!

Buy/DIY -Terrariums

Buy/DIY -Terrariums


8) The hippest of socks – Happy Socks; $12.00

Before you yawn, remember that spiffy and colourful socks complement and elevate a pair of sharp shoes. Happy Feet offers a selection unique prints and patterns for those on your gift list with a strong sartorial eye.  Plus, Happy Socks just beg to be stuffed into a stocking! Socks in socks – what’s not to love?


HappySocks - Funky socks

HappySocks – Funky socks

Exuvius’ multi-use and ultra cool collar stays are for the ultimate nerd and/or secret agent on your list. The titanium set can be used as a bottle opener, tool, and thread cutter.


Exuvius - Titan Multi tool Collar Stays

Exuvius – Titan Multi tool Collar Stays


10) USB Cords – Eastern Collective;  prices vary 

Function over style was a phrase my mother doled out because I hated when she shopped for me. Eastern Collective has created a number of both smart AND tasteful USB cords perfect for office and home. They don’t tangle and their woven, rugged exterior protects them from wear and tear. Luckily for the non-Apple users, they’ve developed cords for both Androids and Kindles alike.

Eastern Collective - 30 Pin Divisional Collective Cable

Eastern Collective – 30 Pin Divisional Collective Cable


11) iPhone case for cards + phone – Killspencer; $69.00


Bulging wallet be gone with Killspencer’s Camo & Rosewood card carrier for the iPhone 5! Keep it minimal by selecting your prized 3-4 plastics to carry alongside your iPhone in style.


Killspencer's - Card carrier for iPhone5

Killspencer’s – Card carrier for iPhone5


12)  iShower –iDevices; $99.00


iShower is perfect for the guy on your list who is too shy to jump on stage at karaoke but loves to put on a show behind closed (shower) curtains! This Bluetooth beauty is compatible with Apple and Android devices in addition to a slew of popular music apps. iShower prides itself on mounting options for different shower models. Now all he has to do is work on those dance moves…


iDevices - iShower  Bluetooth  Water Resistant Speaker

iDevices – iShower Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker


13) The Standard memorandum – Word; $11.00


Word has come up with a perfect notebook created to help its user develop a momento of their year ahead. This is an ideal gift for a busy new Dad looking to keep track of the milestones in his child’s life and (bonus!) to pass down as a priceless present at a later date.

Word - The Standard Memorandum Notebook

Word – The Standard Memorandum Notebook


14) Puffer Vest – The Gap; $98.00

Cold weather doesn’t have to mean a style downgrade for your guy. This smart puffer vest adds an extra layer of warmth and style over thin knits, hoodies and tees or even a tailored blazer.


Puffer Vest - The Gap

Puffer Vest – The Gap

15) Exilmer Boot – Call It Spring; $120.00


Versatility in a man’s footwear is key. Here, Call It Spring’s Exilmer Boot offers a casual but nonetheless slick kick. The Exilmer will be the finishing touch, paired with jeans for the off the cuff  casual or a suit and tie combo for a sharper situation.



Call It Spring - Exilmer

Call It Spring – Exilmer







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