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JUST-IN: The cross-body Bag

Published 11/13/2013 by

In life, there are the together people and the get-it-together  people. I’m going to let you in on a secret; some of the ‘together’ people are just undercover get-it-together people in disguise. Hear me out. The one thing that helps them in their impossibly stylish, without a hair out of place and yes, I did get up early this morning to steam this white silk shirt, appearance  is ….wait for it, a perfect cross-body bag. A bag that goes beyond just looking good. We’re talking a bag that allows you to strut, sashay and casually toss those lovely locks – because gurl, you’re going (manicured) hands free. Plus, you won’t be fumbling to find (insert here: cell phone/key/emergency candy). Why? Because said, bag-O-perfection has all the compartments you need to go through life in your perfectly imperfect way and have everyone saying, “How does she do it?”. And if you are feeling extra generous you can whisper it’s, OSINI .


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