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DIY: the it-shoe inspired manicure

Published 11/13/2013 by

What’s to love more than a great shoe and an equally great mani? Nail art needn’t be left to the pros or drugstore stick-n-peels; all you need are some wicked office supplies, a bottle of your fave fall nail colour and a relatively steady hand (save that coffee for afterward).


Morlock’s metallic cage-like heel design inspired the look of this multi-lined, gold-accented manicure. And who would’ve guessed it—Sharpies are the biggest thing in nail art since … well, nail art. Not only is this manicure trend easy to do, it’s also fun. Just don’t hold back—remember, Morlock is not a shoe to be silenced, so nor should this manicure.


Get creative and get going! Read along and follow these six simple do-it-yourself steps to achieve this shoe-inspired mani.


What you’ll need:


-Call it Spring “Morlock”

-Base coat

-Nail polish (preferably a dark colour)

-Top coat

-Gold metallic Sharpie

-Pen and paper



How to do it:


  1. Manicure nails (file, buff) and apply a base coat. Allow to dry.
  2. Apply two coats of the nail colour of your choice. Allow to dry. (DIY tip: a dark nail colour will provide a greater contrast for a more dramatic look with your metallic Sharpie).
  3. When your nails are nearly dry, sketch your nail design or designs. This will give your nails extra drying time as well as a chance for you to settle on the perfect design.
  4. When your nails are FULLY dry (i.e. you are able to press on them without smearing or smudging) begin drawing your design on your nails with the Sharpie. Take your time! (DIY tip: if you botch your design, simply use rubbing alcohol to rub off the Sharpie and start again).
  5. Once you’ve completed your Sharpie design, allow a couple minutes of drying time then spray a generous amount of hairspray on your nails to prevent your Sharpie design from smearing. This part is important; you don’t want to saturate your nail bed, but you also don’t want to spray too lightly or else your nail design will smear when you apply the top coat.
  6. Apply a semi-thick top coat and voila! Your nails should be nothing short of shiny and stylin’.




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