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Just-In: Equestrian boots

Published 11/19/2013 by

Quick pop quiz. What is the IT pattern of the season? It rhymes with Dad and it’s probably in his closet. That’s right, it’s plaid. That one person that shouted stripes, you can see yourself out. Now as I know you are all things stylish- I have no doubt that you will be tricking out your tartan this season. Plaid, as traditional as it is, it’s not what you would call a quiet print. It can be large and in charge and (often times) red. This means you need to be strategic about your footwear choice. Don’t do anything rash. Think about it. Now stop thinking. Because of course we’re here to help you in your quest as the most stylish lady in (any) room. Take out your notepad and lets make a fool proof check list. Plaid button down. Chunky grandpa style cardigan. Slim cut dark denim jeans and the classic CLAIRDAY equestrian.


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