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The Girly Girl Gift Guide – Holiday 2013

Published 12/13/2013 by

We all have one. The lady in our life that just oozes girliness. No stranger to a bow or rhinestone. Lover of all things pink. Nails did, hair did, erry thang did? Yeah, you get the picture. As the holidays get closer and closer, this strangely glamorous species (no but seriously, how early does she get up to do that hair?!) –  can sometimes prove the hardest to shop for. What do you get this meticulously manicured creature? We’ve got the answer. Here are 15 ridiculously girly-girl picks that will make her squeal. And on the off chance YOU are the bedazzled beauty in your circle, well all the better…just forward this link to your besties and don’t forget that emoticon winkie face.


Kisses to Go


Lizzie Fortunato Lip Tote

Lizzie Fortunato – Lip Tote


Running errands? Be gone trashy plastic bags and (gasp!) tattered generic grocery totes. Pucker up to this perfect companion instead.


Price: $250.00 (US)


Tie one On


Call it Spring - EDEAVIEL

Call it Spring – EDEAVIEL


In our fantasy life, Blair Waldorf  is in our inner circle just for the sheer fact that we WANT that wardrobe. Alas, this Call it Spring bracelet lets us live just a touch of that dream. Long live Gossip Girls.


Price: $10.00


The Poshest Playsuit

Mimi Holliday by Damaris - Bisou Bisou Flambé  silk playsuit 

Mimi Holliday by Damaris – Bisou silk playsuit


Is it just us or is there a serious shortage of adorable sleepwear? As much as we can fist bump a flannel onesie- sometimes you want to dial up the bedtime glam. This silk playsuit is like the black tie of loungewear. We know Elizabeth Taylor would approve.


Price: $185.00


Shoe Shine

Call it Spring -YADOVEN

Call it Spring -YADOVEN


This haute holographic number might not be every lady’s cup-o-tea but trust that for the trendy-gal-about-town this is IT for 2014. The opalescent exterior can go posh or rock & roll depending on styling.




Intergalactic Girly Girl

Jennifer Loiselle - Celestial Swarovski collar

Jennifer Loiselle – Celestial Swarovski collar


Collars have been a big trend for awhile now. This one has a vaguely space-age quality which we’re feeling. Pump up a basic T or add dazzle to day dresses with both shine AND glitter. And no girly girl turns up her nose at glitter. Ever.


Price: $257.50


We’re Blushing


Essie - Pink about it!

Essie – Pink about it!


You heard it here first folks, Spring 2014 is all about the blush pinks. Whether you are part of the pink tribe or would just rather not – a nail polish is an innocent way to toe the trend. As this Essie polish’s moniker says, just “Pink about it.”

Price: $8.50


Put a Ring on it


Dior - Monsieur Dior Ring

Dior – Monsieur Dior Ring


First off, we don’t want any grief for adding this Dior ring to our list. Keep that haterade capped. True we might have to get into organ donation on the black market to afford it but every girly girl is a sucker for fantasy. And this pearl and gold eye candy inspires! We’ve already pinned it.


Price: If you have to ask – you can’t afford it.

Sashay You Stay


Call it Spring - MORLOCK

Call it Spring – MORLOCK


No respectable girly girl doesn’t have a least one pair of killer heels. So here we present another pair to add to her rotation. A little edgy and a whole lot glam, these ornate caged heel Call it Spring booties give good strut coming and going.

Price:  $70.00


Lip Service

Opening Ceremony - Lipstick Sweatshirt

Opening Ceremony – Lipstick Sweatshirt


A common misconception is that girly girls are… well… the littlest bit (cough) snobby. But it just ain’t so. You can have all those lipglosses alphabeticalized and colour coded and still be able to laugh at yourself. This sweatshirt is a cheeky nod to the pampered lady in waiting. 


Price:  $420.00


You’ve Got Mail

Rifle Paper Co. - Assorted Floral Set

Rifle Paper Co. – Assorted Floral Set


Girly girls are known for their impeccable manners. A thank you card or an unexpected letter, with perhaps a favourite shared song lyric or poem inside, might have made its way to your door at their hands. These adorable cards are sure to please and (bonus!) you’ll probably receive one signed, sealed and delivered a month later. Sprayed with perfume of course.

Price: $18.00


A Perky Purse

Call it Spring - GAVARDO

Call it Spring – GAVARDO


What don’t we love about this too cute quilted cross-body with ears? Nothing. A sure fire conversation starter this Call it Spring purse is big enough for all the GG essentials.


Price: $25.00


Alexa Knows Best


Alexa Chung - IT

Alexa Chung – IT


Alexa Chung, model, fashionista, DJ, author and  muse to many. Her school girl meets IT-girl style is just one of her many charms. This Brit babe’s first book promises an insider look into the fashion industry. Best of all, the book is in the approved GG colour o’choice – so it won’t clash with her decor. It’s the little things.


Price:  (approx.) $20.00


Garden Party

Dolce & Gabbana -  floral brocade shoulder bag   

Dolce & Gabbana - floral brocade shoulder bag


Floral prints. Timeless no? What girly girl would reject a small purse adorned in roses? And did we mention it’s designnnnner? That pretty much seals the deal.


Price: $795 (Editor’s note: make it rain friend)


Calling Anna Wintour

Society 6 - iPhone Case

Society 6 – iPhone Case


What better way to say something sassy than on your iPhone case?  That is all.


Price: $15.00


A Lady Proper


Call it Spring - FRONURY

Call it Spring – FRONURY


Baby it’s cold outside. When the temperature drops, and the mini skirts are retired for a minimum of 4 months, help the GG in your life reclaim her charms with some dainty details that speak to her unshakable girly core like these bow beauties from Call it Spring. Ps. At this price why not buy her black too!


Price: $15.00 (I. know. right.)


Happy Shopping!






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