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Inside CIS: Meet Cristina

Published 01/27/2014 by

What is your job?

Online Marketing Coordinator for Call It Spring

What is your nickname at work (either welcome or unwelcome)?

Hummm I don’t have one , maybe the girl with the hair? Does that count?

(Editor’s Note: Cristina’s nickname is Off-Duty Model – but she’s too modest to say this.)

Give us a brief overview of what you do at CIS?

I make sure in store marketing initiatives are translated online to our website (www.callitspring.com). My role also involves finding new and innovative ways to promote the brand online and lead any online special projects, contests, videos etc.

What brought you to CIS?

My background and education is in Marketing. I had initially worked on the other ALDO brands in merchandising but I really love Call It Spring because we have amazing campaigns and material to work with, it’s youthful and fun and I like that!

What is your favourite part of your job?

I looovveee working with my team, it never feels like work … most of the time. We’re a team of 5 people managing the site directly so we get to touch a bit of everything rather than one specific project so our team is exposed to all the other various departments which is great!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Since we work with web it sometimes is a challenge trying to find ways to translate in store initiatives. We are sometimes limited as to what we can do..but in the end we always find ways around it.

What do you bring to the CIS brand?

CIS is a fun and youthful brand, and I think I bring a positive energy to the team. There’s no limits to what we can do that’s what’s so great about the brand!

If you weren’t doing this job – what would you be hustling at?

If I weren’t a marketing coordinator I would be a pilot! I loooovvve to fly :) I will fly anytime anywhere!

What advice would you offer up to someone who wants to pursue a similar career path?

Be a team player! Always keep up with current trends and being aware of new innovative ideas is important. Also being in tune with what other apparel brand websites are doing. Being an online shopping addict doesn’t hurt ;)

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Usually from browsing other websites, magazines, even shopping or hanging out with friends, meeting new people, you never know when a new idea will just pop up. Innovation never sleeps. (I feel like I stole that from somewhere!)


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