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8 gifts worthy of love this Valentine’s Day

Published 02/07/2014 by

There seems to be two camps on February 14th: those that love to loooove it baby and those that would like to press the giant red opt out button, hide under the covers and sleep right through to the 15th. Personally, I am a fan of Valentine’s Day. Before you give me the thousand mile stare, hear me out. How could a celebration of such a love(ly) emotion be bad? Don’t answer that. I’ll simply say that growing up, Valentine’s Day in grade school was a day to exchange cards among  all your classmates and show your love to the many in your life. It wasn’t  about single or spoken for, it was about sharing good vibes all around. So in that spirit, may I present 8 perfect Valentine’s gifts for the many true loves in your life. Muah! Did you catch that?

8 perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts:  the roommate

Personalized Mug

Personalized Mug


She’s the first person to greet you in the morning and the last person to see you at night. You’ve cried together watching the very worst rom-coms (no shame in your Love, Actually game). She knows about all your bizarre grooming rituals. Make sure those secrets are kept on lock-down and she lets you continue to polish of the last of the organic peanut butter -with a spoon no less- by gifting her with a personalized mug for her morning cupp’a.


8 perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts:  the older sis

NARS in Cruella

NARS in Cruella


She tortured you as a child but alas, you have to admit, your older sister was your first life guru. From perfecting that beachy hair wave through to how to manipulate your parents into extending your curfew by an extra hour, you have her to thank. Now that you’re older and (ahem) more mature, get your sister an  oh-so-sophisticated gift that speaks to how the style student has now become the style MASTER. Enter the Nars lip pencil in Cruella. Bonus: that name is totally what you called her grades 2nd-10th.


8 perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts:  the glam BFF


Call it Spring's DUNKUM

Call it Spring’s DUNKUM


You can’t not get her something. She just wouldn’t stand for it. I mean, she is the real love of your life. Who did you call when you got a little tweezer happy last summer? And, when you’ve got a hot date who lets you try on every piece in your closet to find the outfit that hits just the right note? Most importantly, when you need that extra little something special to bring said ensemble together who do you “borrow” the best accessories from? Pssst, are you hip to my gifting game? This statement beauty is the gift that keeps on giving.



8 perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts:  the best mom






The one. The only. Your mother. Get it together this V-day and show her some offspring hearts with a sweet gift. Behold, a heartshaped cheese cutting board. What is not to enjoy about this? Cheese deserves maximum respect. Your cutie mama can bust this out at all her lady-dates with the gals. And over a much deserved glass of red, she can become the envy of all her friends when she says, “My child got this for me.” Cue the ahhhhs.



8 perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts:  Your quirky lil sis

vdayPopsicle String Lights


She cops your style, steals your fave shoes and half the time you have no idea what she is rambling on about, but you love your lil sis. She’s in that all-too-cute phase where she is “redecorating” her bedroom. These adorable popsicle lights are just the ticket to get her to finally return those perfect pumps and let her shine.


8 perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts:  Your bookworm buddy




We all have a nerd that lives inside us. Whether it’s knowing every lyric to every song by (insert shameful pop icon here) or that collection of Harry Potter books still on your bedside table (NO JUDGEMENT)…we all have a bit of geekiness that we indulge in. We also all have a friend that we revel in this side of ourselves with. This sweet scent is better than a pocket protector and a delicious reminder that nerds are so in right now.


8 perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts:  Your dinner party pal




They’re magic in the kitchen and you’re the lucky guinea pig. From upside down apple cake through to their infamous 5 alarm chili, you arrive empty bellied and they lovingly fill your gullet and replenish your glass. Sure, you provide the comic relief, good looks and charm but next time you grace their table offer up one more small sentiment that says, “thank you and continue to feed me please” with this heart-shaped pasta.


8 perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts:  Treat yo’self

Call it Spring - Seveven

Call it Spring – Seveven



Whether you’ve got big plans to go out February 14th or big plans to stay in – take a moment during your day to raise a glass to yourself.  Love thyself right as any modern lady should by not waiting for a prince charming to bring you that perfect pair but instead treating yourself to it! Yessss girl!  These ~*spicy meatball*~ SEVEVEN are on our radar. It was, as they say,  love at first sight.





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