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Inside CIS: Meet Hannah

Published 03/05/2014 by

What is your job?

My title is Product Developer Administrator for Call It Spring Dress.

What is your nickname at work?

Since I haven’t been here for very long, I don’t have a nickname quite yet…maybe Banana…But as long as it’s not Hannah Montana, I think any nickname would be great!

Give us a brief overview of what you do at CIS?

Working as PD Admin, I have a wide range of things that I do. One of the most important tasks is making sure samples are on time. I follow up with suppliers, enter worksheets for the new shoe styles, help the product developers any way I can and generally drool over shoes all day!

What brought you to Call it Spring?

I graduated just last May from LaSalleCollege and have a degree in Fashion Design. I have a huge passion for shoes (my closet agrees) and had wanted to work with shoes if I could. I knew I wanted to work for this company and learn about everything I could about footwear. This is my first “big girl” job and being able to work here at Call It Spring is such an amazing experience. The team are so full of personality and spunk and have taught me so much already! :D

What is your favourite part of your job?

I don’t think I have a favourite part of my job. To be honest I just love the working environment, especially the CIS working environment. Being able to work with such a closely knit team is just amazing. I honestly don’t think that there’s anything that I dislike.

I think one of the best things is being able to help people with what they need and being able to find solutions to problems. It’s such a good kind of stress that you feel great coming in to work everyday!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

I think that one of the most challenging parts of my job is keeping organized. There are so many things to keep track of, especially when thousands of samples are coming in! It’s definitely a challenge, but together with my other half Roxane Paradis, I think we make it work.

What are the greatest misconceptions about what you do?

I think a lot of people, especially young people think that having a desk job means you stare at a screen all day and have no fun. But it’s completely the opposite! Even if I do have a “desk job”, I’m always running about and having a great time. And there’s always the 4:30 music break for “I’ve got the magic in me”. Totally.

What do you bring to the CIS brand?

Call It Spring brand is young, fun and flirty, and since I am the target age, I think I bring a fresh outlook for the team. I also always try to bring a positive attitude and give everything 150%, just because I can!

If I weren’t pursuing my love for shoes and fashion I would be a musician. I love nothing more than belting it out hardcore with my acoustic electric, oh, and annoying my roommates in the process (I have 3 of them)! :P

What advice would you offer up to someone who wants to pursue a similar career path?

Definitely have passion and give everything more than your all. Just being able to show that you want to be where you are will seriously impact yourselves and others. And you can never go wrong with working as a team player, or keeping up with the wonderful world of fashion!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I like to think of myself as a creative person, so for me, the entire world inspires. Little things from everywhere and every time can be molded, folded and painted to create fantastical fashion. Music is definitely a big one, because it manipulates so many feelings…oh, that and Pinterest! But seriously, the creative mind is constantly shaping ideas. You never know if they’re good unless you get them out there.

Any last words?

My best friend (and life coach) a few years ago told me matter-o-factly, “Why wouldn’t you give your 100%; doing any less would just be selling yourself short.” Just be yourself and be confident, that in itself will get you where you want to go~! OH, the feels.


Hannah Joest

Hannah Joest



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