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Just In: your go-to spring bag

Published 03/18/2014 by

Soon, oh so soon, you will be down a quick 5lbs of winter weight. No spinning classes. No juice cleanses. No snacking on ice chips while watching Netflix. Miracle? Nope. It’s those winter boots, that extra 2.5 layers, those gloves, that scarf…. Oh yeah. It’s gonna be good. That freedom. You can almost taste it. And in our minds eye, when we’re running through fields of daisies, bare legs, sun kissing our faces-  the last thing we want is to be clutching anything. But realistically speaking, we do live in the real world, where we don’t leave the house without our iPhone, shades, keys and an emergency pack of M&Ms (this is a thing). So what compromise can we make that doesn’t feel like a compromise? The DISTLER cross body bag . Throw on this mini powerhouse and keep all your essentials at your finger tips while still remaining blissfully hands free so you can pick all those daisies.


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