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Meet Miami blogger Ria Michelle

Published 03/19/2014 by

If you haven’t heard of fashion blogger Ria Michelle- now is the time to check her out. This young, uber stylish and charming woman from Miami is making a name for herself on the international fashion and lifestyle blog scene. Her vibrant website chronicles both her sartorial and travel adventures.  She’s been featured on Elle.comRefinery29, and Société Perrier, to name just a few and now this style specialist will be hosting our Miami store opening Celebration at Dadeland Mall. For those of you who won’t make it to Miami for the celebration (so many tears), Ria Michelle is sharing her thoughts on all things fashion with you now! PS. please take note of those killer CIS creepers she is currently rocking! YES.

Describe your style in 5 words.

Fun, Daring, Feminine, Sexy, Edgy

What city in the world would you describe as having the best style and why?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. I find in London, men are very well dressed. New York City is a great city for style but there’s a real lack of colour which can become boring. Cities in California like Los Angeles and San Francisco you can get a pretty good mix of styles both laid back, well put together and incorporating color.

Who or what is inspiring you the most right now?

The internet is my biggest inspiration right now, it might sound weird but it’s a window to everything and anything. There’s music, imagery, knowledge and video. There’s so much to discover.

What decade do you think brought more changes and evolution in fashion?

The 20s are absolutely gorgeous, shorter hemlines appeared; finger waves and short hair were just IT! Bold makeup was intense and adored, not considered too much or overdone. I’m not saying it was the best era but it was a huge departure from corsets, petticoats and yuck modesty for women.

What is your greatest hidden talent?

I love to dance. When I was younger I would tape the routines from my favorite music videos and learn them and perform them in my room – haha.

Outside of the industry, what might people be surprised to learn is a passion of yours?

The Japanese language is something I’ve always been fascinated with and attempted to learn. I used to be in a Japanese study group. I haven’t fussed with it in a few years but I was starting to get it before I moved to Miami. I’d love to resume learning. It’s much easier around native speakers and when some of your friends don’t speak English at all lol.

What is your favourite fashion season?

My favourite fashion season is Fall. Though we don’t have Fall in Miami. I like the option of layering but you’re not absolutely freezing. In Miami I love winter, because it’s not actually cold at all. It’s just not crazy hot like it is in the summer time.

In your downtime when no one is watching, what do you wear?

In my downtime, I’m in pajamas for sure haha. I’ve recently become obsessed with Eberjey short sets pjs. This week I bought a robe so when it arrives I’m sure I’ll be in that all the time.

Do you have a signature look or piece in your closet?

I love hats, I need more hats. You can usually find me in a hat.

What trend are you loving/hating right now that you’re seeing on the streets?

I love seeing pastels right now, and midi skirts as long as they are worn properly. You have to be aware of not only your height and wear the skirt falls on you to wear a midi but also your footwear is very important. It makes or breaks the whole thing.

If your entire place was on fire, but you could save only an outfit, which one would it be?

Omg what a nightmare, I would definitely be grabbing my Chanel chain boy bag. I’m not sure about anything else because I love all my clothing so much. They are all so special to me for different reasons.

Tell us your fashion forecast for S/S14.

For Spring/Summer I see lots and lots of white and monochrome, pastels, florals of course but bigger, matching sets and backpacks.


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