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Just In: the modern heel

Published 03/25/2014 by

Hey working girl. Or should I say werq’in girl? Because you’re not the type to let a little 9 to 5′in cramp your fashion flow. In fact you like the challenge. You won’t let some desk bound action define your after hours style. Hence, you can appreciate a  bit of undercover super hero shoe versatility. Take the MANDILE. From the front she’s an unassuming traditionalist. She’s a rule-following L.B.P. (little black pump); She’ll go with your favourite pencil skirt or play nice with your dark denim jeans. Buuuut,  this isn’t your typical all-work-no-play “practical” three stage yawn heel. Check that profile. Ah ha! This beauty shows you her inner rebel with a curved cuban heel. Sleek? Yes. Sassy. For sure. Chic? Meh oui. How could you not take such a triple threat out on the town?





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