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Men’s Style Guide for Prom 2014

Published 03/27/2014 by

Prom. How do we feel about it? Is it just another four-letter word or are you counting down the days? We’re going to go there and say, it might not be the best night of your life. But if and when you come to terms with that news – it leaves room for making it one hell of a fun night anyways. Part of your overall enjoyment will rely on being sensible about splurging but not scrimping on style for the big night in question. Second bold statement, we just may be able to help with this. Here we break down the different routes you can take to arrive at the same destination – looking mint for prom.



Rebel Yell

You are: the avant-garde, the go-your-own-damn-way, rule-breaker and statement maker.

You don’t subscribe to the trends and instead like to cultivate a look that is uniquely your own.



The kick we’re prescribing is  the WALUND. Why?  It’s an irreverent version of the traditional oxford. The electric tri-colour sole gives this kick a quirky twist that’s both eye-catching and impact making. Just like you.

Shop the WALUND


Call it Spring - WALUND

Call it Spring – WALUND


Rock & Roll’in


You are: the bad a*s, musician type, hater of mornings, lover of loud, dark and dangerous.

You don’t mind a touch of swag but you’ve got a specific definition of formalwear- and it doesn’t involve a tie (like ever).


The kick we’re prescribing is the BAUDET. Why?  Like you it’s slick, understated and made for after hours. It will bring polish  to your favourite band tee, black jean and blazer power trifecta .


Shop the BAUDET


Tradition Route

You are: not afraid of a three-piece suit, know the difference between tweed and houndstooth, subscribe to GQ and have Mr. Porter in your bookmarks .

You bring all the fancy. The ladies ask you for style advice and there’s a reason why; you instinctually understand the importance of style and appreciate looking damn fine.



The kick we’re prescribing is the GUIDONI. Why? It has a modern profile with classic detailing. Whether you go black or cognac, this guy seals the deal with flawless polish and masculine lines.


Shop the GUIDONI

Call it Spring - GUIDONI

Call it Spring – GUIDONI

Dapper Hipster Remix


You are: Admittedly, the slightest bit too cool for school. But you would never admit it or use the expression too cool for school. You would, however, wear your toque indoors.

Formal for you always incorporates a bit of novelty or a touch of vintage. You want a nice mix of casual that reads like you didn’t overthink the whole prom-thing (full disclosure: you definitely did but no one needs to know).




The kick we’re prescribing is one of two options (we know you like to keep your options open and take things off the cuff)

1) the BRUBACH ,  this Wes Anderson approved sauve leather loafer, says I own a smoking jacket and I’m likely the most interesting man in the room.


Call it Spring - the Brubach

Call it Spring – the Brubach


Shop the BRUBACH


option 2) the SENTRAILLE  - first, you must know that this handsome gent comes in not one but three combos….fancy yourself a camel & yellow man? Or maybe grey/blue….navy/green. Hmmmm, you get the picture. These lace-ups have loads of character but are still a-OK for weekend hangs at your local cafe. Ahem, don’t pretend that you won’t be making a post-prom cameo.





The Strong and Sporty Type


You are: please refer to title.  So lazy right? No but seriously, you prefer to show your style on the court. Still though, a few smooth sartorial moves never hurt nobody.

Find your winning combo, whether it be a varsity jacket over a V-neck and (dare we suggest!) gingham button down or maybe a blazer is more your defense. Either way, there is one addition that is a non-negotiable for that prom-power play.




The kick we’re prescribing is the CEITIMOR. Yes, they are a sneaker. However, they are  NOT the rub yo’ eyes , “Is he really wearing his gym sneakers?!” – variety. These sleek sneaks are discrete enough for the dancefloor but comfy enough for half time hooping should the occasion arise – and it always does.


Call it Spring - CEITIMOR

Call it Spring – CEITIMOR




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