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We’ve undone the laces and pulled back the tongue on the sweet souls that create our stellar soles.
First up, meet Christine one of Call It Spring’s ladies footwear designers

When did you first become passionate about shoes?
Shoes and clothing have been a lifelong passion! I knew I wanted a career in fashion and got a degree in fashion and technology from Kwantlen University in Vancouver, but designing shoes was pure luck! I didn’t think anything of it when I sent my CV to Call It Spring, but then I got the call! I’ve only been doing shoes for nine months and it’s been amazing. You learn so much—not just the technical aspect, but the business side— about who the customer is and where you want to take the brand.

What do you do at Call It Spring?
I’m the ladies leisure, sport and city designer—that’s basically everything that’s not “dress.” So, I design shoes for a girl who’s 14 and a pump for someone who’s 40. It’s a broad market!

Tell me about the Spring 2014 collection
We’re featuring a lot of prints and new silhouettes. Some of our best selling shoes, and the most fun to design, are our leisure category. A girl of any age can wear them, slip-ons, lace-ups —bascially any style out there. We tried to put extra details in, a little bit of branding, so when you pick up the shoe and look at it, it’s got something special to it.

What inspired the collection?
It has a lot to do with our girl. I think about my friends when I’m designing the line, I think of the girls who are wearing our shoes on the streets, I think about the girls that I take the bus with—what are they going to wear? What would they appreciate in their closets? I’m always thinking about “the girl.”

So, who’s “the girl?”
She’s a girl like me! She’s aware of what’s going on, she’s tuned into what’s happening in pop culture, and she has great taste in music and clothes. She’s aware of what’s happening on international runways and she wants that look, and where else is she going to go? You’re going to go to Call It Spring because they have the value, they have the fun, they have the trends, but a trend that’s translated into something you can actually wear. Something that’s not too ridiculous to wear in real life!

What are the trends in women’s shoes this season? What other trends are on the horizon?
There’s more of a direction towards shoes that are easy to wear—shoes that slip on and off, and trainers that are more tailored. People want to be comfortable while wearing an outfit—this is where the street style blogs come in. They’re the inspiration behind matching trainers with a more formal outfit. You can give your outfit a “pop” with some casual sneakers. It’s about being comfortable, but fun at the same time.

What do you love about working at Call It Spring?

It’s such an open place, and there’s a lot of opportunity to be more trendy and adventurous with designs. We’re doing a lot more colours, more prints. It’s fun!


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