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An Unconventional Prom With Kastor and Pollux

Published 03/28/2014 by

Despite the fact that we both went to prom nearly half a decade ago, the memories that came with (allegedly) the biggest, most important, and generally most “teenagedom-defining” event continue to live on/haunt us. Year after year, from annual semi-formals and sweet sixteens, we would teeter around in itty bitty cocktail dresses and patent pumps — practicing our ~getting ready~ routine (while also progressively easing ourselves into the habit of wearing dresses that extended past our fingertips).

With generational classics like Never Been Kissed and 10 Things I Hate About You defining our understanding of prom, we suppose it should be no surprise that our 18-year-old ideals revolved around the notion that this post-grad night would be chock full of fun, friends, flowers, and cute boys wearing ill-fitting suits. And while this is true (especially the latter), we’ve collectively decided that your #OOTN truly has the capacity to make or break your recollection of this ~monumental~ event!




Though our high school didn’t dish out the over-glamorized titles of prom king or prom queen, it’s safe to say that we definitely weren’t worthy ANY prestigious title in the outfits we ended up donning. Dani, for one, wore a strapless floral mini dress with a tulle underskirt paired with strappy black bandage shoes (trust: they were all the rage in 2009), and Bianca wore a floor length white cheesecloth gown with a big studded belt that took up nearly the entire surface area of her torso. Looking back on our sartorial decisions, we honestly can’t help but cringe at the lack of personality we instilled into our outfits. However, luckily for y’all headed to prom this year, it’s not too late! With an endless roster of inspiration readily available at your fingertips (thank Tumblr, thanks Pinterest), you can save yourself from tentatively blasé and horrifying memories.


Not only has it never been cooler to wear an unconventional outfit to prom, but no one will judge you if you state that you’re not interested in succumbing to a belted satin dress or a rhinestoned bodice. Want to wear a moto jacket? No problem. Leandra Medine wore one to her wedding!!! Interested in donning shorts? Why not! Now you can #twerk without being indecent. No matter how you swing it, staying true to your personal style will result in your peers commending you for your bravery (and your future self thanking your risk-taking 18-year-old self for being full of ~personality~).


Much how Bella Swan wore a leg cast, or how Cady Heron wore a Mathletes varsity jacket, be bold, daring, and unconventional for *your big night*! As long as you have your respective Aaron Samuels/Edward Cullen/your BFF on your arm, you’ll be good to go for a night you’ll (fondly) remember 4ever!




1. Throw it back to the 90s with these trendy jelly shoes! Pair with funky accessories and a billowy mini dress for a super cute look that will let all your peers know that you like to have *fun* with fashion. Throw your hair up into a super sleek ponytail on top of your head and finish off your makeup look with a winged liner and bright red lips.


2. Channel your inner ~punk princess~ with these classic creepers. If you’re not comfortable wearing completely flat shoes to prom, these babies will give you a little extra height without forcing you to sacrifice comfort. Hide them underneath a maxi dress, or show them off with an A-line mini dress!


3. Wearing sneakers to prom may seem like a huge no-no, but think about all the dance moves you’ll be able to bust out on the dance floor (while all your friends are teetering around in their high heels)! You’ll definitely be the envy of everyone suffering from foot spasms in these flashy sneakers!


4. If you choose to go a more traditional route (tulle dresses, we’re looking at you!), don’t be afraid to “toughen” up your look with a sassy cutout boot! This pair will serve as the perfect juxtaposition to feminine silhouettes.



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