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Just-In: the modern men’s oxford

Published 04/01/2014 by

You’ve been going undercover. But not by choice. Those long winter months left you with limited options.  Boots or perhaps the ever exotic wellington? Hmmm, yes indeed. No judgement here. Now it’s April. Things have changed. You made a style resolution way back in January and now, only now it will come to fruition. That resolution was all about turning heads in all the right ways, showing up tight, making that immaculate first impression and above all – starting things off right by acing your base. This is when we signal in the GUIDONI. We waxed lovingly earlier in the week about it’s “modern profile with classic detailing…this guy seals the deal with flawless polish and masculine lines.” Yep, none of that has changed. This classic is waiting for you.


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