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Festival Style with Kastor & Pollux

Published 04/07/2014 by

Every summer, we’re bombarded with lineup upon lineup of our favourite musicians coming together to perform at the most anticipated music events. From Indio’s Coachella to New York’s Governors Ball, to Montreal’s own Osheaga, it’s safe to say that festival season is our favourite time of the year; and through every harsh winter, we make sure to look idealistically ahead to the prospect of a fruitful and musically-satisfying summer.

Besides the fact that dancing and singing along with our musical idols in the thick of a giant crowd of people is the most incomparable feeling ever, festivals are, at their core, inherently appealing. Friends, snacks, and sunscreen are definitely in no shortage, but besides that, fashion + summer festivities go hand-in-hand. Festival fashion is a burgeoning component of festival culture — so even though rising climates may call for no more than a pair of cut-offs and a tank top, take the initiative to keep cool, stay practical, and regard each festival as a fashion show!!!

Look #1: Street Style Star

If you’re more interested in jamming out to tunes from afar, you can step up your style game with some unconventional details that’ll be sure to get you snapped by photogs! Opt for interesting accessories and girlish silhouettes — and don’t forget a pair of sunglasses in case you get too tired from being fabulous and subsequently decide to take a nap under a tree while you listen to the strums of an acoustic guitar.


On Dani: Pair an easy denim shirt dress with lace-up gladiator sandals, Call it Spring’s FOIRWEN, to keep your look fresh, stylish (and still weather-appropriate). Try out a bold statement necklace that will not only add visual interest to your outfit, but will also balance out your jaw-dropping footwear choice. The Foirwen is striking – but make sure the outfit you pair these fashion-forward shoes with isn’t too overbearing. After all, street style photographers are looking for girls that look, fabulous, and chic, and you don’t want to look too overdone!

On Bianca: Adding a cute cross-body bag, aka the TOTI,  will not only store your festival essentials, but will also add an element of ~chic~ to your look. Coupled with that, try a pair of d’orsay flats like the SHANESSA; whose slightly pointed toe and supported back will elongate your leg without impairing your ability to climb up a hill.



Look #2: Quirky Chick

Attending festivals with big groups of friends is fun — but as a ~quirky chick~ you’re all about being unconventional. Whether this means wandering between stages by yourself  or making new friends altogether, you’re definitely the standout at any party. Stay true to your lively personality with mirrored sunglasses and bold prints, and pair socks with jelly sandals…because you can. The quirky gal is all about pushing boundaries.


On Dani: Jelly sandals the MANDRILE are a huge fashion #throwback, so make sure to pair them with some more “mature” silhouettes to avoid looking like you’re trying to revive the 90s. A long silk open-front overshirt paired with high-waisted shorts and a crop-top will keep your look on-style without looking too costume-y. If you’re feeling especially quirky, pair your clear Mandrile’s with a pair of printed socks (and, uh, for the record, we chose neon green ones adorned with seahorses :) .

On Bianca: If your shoes are more neutural, an achromatic colour palatte is a fun (and unpredictable) way to build a cute outfit. Try a pastel hue on top and a more vibrant hue on the bottom — the key is to find similar tones for a very striking look. These perforated slip-ons, the ETAULIAN (say that four times fast!) are a crucial part of this achromatic look, as you’ll need a pair of simple shoes to neutralize your super colourful outfit. Plus, these slip-ons are sure to be comfortable; no matter what kind of unprecedented trouble you find yourself getting into!



Look #3: The Adventurer 

Contrary to the chill nature of the street style star, you’re the type of girl who will always choose being engulfed by a crowd over of sitting under a tree painting your fingernails and eating a green salad. As a daredevil with a lust for life and a penchant for all things adventurous, even in heels, you’re sure to be crowdsurfin’ during Outkast’s set with the best of them.


On Dani: Pair a comfortable graphic t-shirt with a pair of denim short-alls for a casual look that leaves little room for wardrobe malfunctions. A pair of ankle boots, like the GAUDIANO, with a slight heel will give you a bit of traction when you’re roughin’ it in the crowds.

On Bianca: If you want to commit to a pair of full length overalls, keep it light with a pair of feminine, cutout sandals. The TALAO is the perfect option — as crazy cutouts paired with a slight wedge not only gives you interesting tan lines (and since tan lines inevitable, you might as well make them funny), but also a little bit of extra height.



Look #4: Kid At Heart

Youthful graphic prints and eyelet textures will be sure to bring out your inner kid — even if you’re spending your festival afternoons sipping spiked lemonades. Treat the park as your own personal playground and run around chasing butterflies when you’re not jamming out to your favourite Indie pop duo.


You can’t really go wrong with a pair of lace-up sneakers, and the BRIENNA comes in a multitude of colours.

On Dani: If you choose a bright colour (like hot pink or turquoise), wear neutral colours like ivory and black so you don’t look like Rainbowbrite/underage. By pairing these traditional skimmers with a silk skirt and a nicely-cut tank top, you’ll demonstrate that while you do have a fun side, you also care about looking put-together!

On Bianca: If you’re more of a neutral-footwear gal, jazz up your look with a loud print up top. Light grey shoes can be fun, but a daisy-printed shell top will make them even more fun!



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