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Just In: adorable flat shoes

Published 04/08/2014 by

Something happens when it starts to get warmer. It’s all very mysterious but it’s like this whole little universe opens up. That universe is of course the great outdoors and the many possibilities that lay beyond ones front door. For example, boat cruises, beaches, and river side picnics. What? You live in the city you say? You are an urbanite and worse still– a student – gazing longingly out the window at a patch of shade beneath a tree that is just out of your desk bound reach. We hear your sads. It happens to the best of us (school that is). If you can’t be perched on the front of a sail boat with the crisp salty wind tousling your mane – you can still look the lovely part. A cool and chic breeze can rustle the stiff stale air of your winter wardrobe, courtesy of the SLEPSKI. Isn’t she a beaute? She’ll make a few sailors heads turn no doubt.

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