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Just In: charming loafers

Published 04/15/2014 by

It’s an urban jungle out there. People taking two seats on the subway while eldery ladies look on. Couples walking hand-and-hand mid sidewalk, refusing to budge as they pass you (it’s cool, you can fall into that nearby shrub so they can get by unencumbered). You get in line at Starbucks, iPhoned cash-moles pretend to merge – aka- cut the line. And while you stare down that rice crispy square to soothe your Monday woes , said line cutt-ie orders the. last. one. You leave disenchanted. Why is life so very hard? Yep, things are rough out there. Sometimes you need to bite back. You need a touch of wildness. The BADOARA loafer will be your spirit animal. Two little tigresses are better than none and best of all these, feline friends aren’t afraid to bare their teeth and demand their fair share of the sidewalk.


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