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How-to: the modern milkmaid braid

Published 04/18/2014 by

The best accessory for your hair this season is your hair! Get Inspired by our Call it Spring Summer 2014 Fruit Loops campaign to twist your tresses into a fresh do, that’s not only hell’a cute but also practical for the steamy weather on the horizon. This modern milkmaid braid remix frames the face, adding a laid back elegance and innocence. Here’s how to replicate the look!

Step 1

Part your hair down the center (a comb with an ultra, thin tapered handle works wonders) and make two ponytails at the base of your head on either side. Don’t fret if it isn’t perfect; part of the charm is having it a dash undone.



Step 2

Take two thin strips of fabric and wrap them around the base of the ponytail to 1) discretely cover your elastics 2) secure your fabric at the top of your pony. Braid each ponytail, incorporating the fabric along the length of your tresses as you go. Ideally, the strip should be longer than the length of your mane. You can always trim the excess afterward.


Step 3

Once you’ve secured the ends of each braid with a thin invisible elastic, criss cross the braids across your head, about 2.5 to 3 inches from your forehead. Tuck the ends of each braid under the other braid, using tiny bobby pins the colour of your hair to secure from the back. Try to pin from bottom to top, to disguise the bobby pins. If your hair is thick/heavy you will need to super size those bobby pins lady friend.


Step 4

Last step, is for just that added umph. Take a thin comb (used in step one to part your hair) and pull sporadically along the length to gently and carefully loosen parts of the braid. This will add another layer of  dimension and texture that feels and looks for nature. It is also more practical, as you know once you leave the use and humidity strikes those little fly-aways WILL betray you. Finish off with a few spritzes of hair spray; this will help secure your bobby pins too.


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