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Fancy Flats

Published 05/02/2014 by

It’s time to get fancy ‘errbody—with flats. Say what?! Flats are fancy? Yes, yes they are. That’s right, CIS has taken things in a more pointed direction this year and we’re here to show you how to fancy up just about any outfit with these pretties.

Don’t get us wrong—while we love the appeal of an everyday flat for your best-of daytime looks we also very much love the linear direction in which our SS14 flats lineup has found itself. Because heels aren’t always friendly to our feet and sometimes a regular ballet flat is just a little too blah, the pointed flat is just about the easiest way to get fancy, friends. Elongated toes add length to the leg in ways a typical ballerina flat just doesn’t, making it the ideal substitute for those days we just don’t wanna wear heels. Or, you know, just because we actually really (perhaps secretly) love flats—that’s reason enough, no?

The Crilama

With its patterned upper and two-piece design, the Crilama is all about being fun and flirty. Suitable for the bold, not-afraid-to-play-with-patterns type, this fancy flat adds a pop of playful print. Pair them with shorts and a crop top or a flare skirt; just don’t be afraid to get funky with it. The Crilama is all about that primal journey of patterns.



The Havirk

Your ideal office-to-outing flat, the Havirk is all about sophistication. With its faux snake skin detailing, this fancy flat works best with business attire. Trousers, blazers, sheath dresses—this flat gives a polished appeal to that nine-to-five work day attire and it’s still suitable for those most loved after work-hours outings. Cheers.



The Shanessa

Simple meets chic with the Shanessa. This canvas flat never fails in dressing up daytime attire. It’s the ideal fancy flat for the causal girl. Where it whenever with just about whatever: that’s the Shanessa. It adds an understated yet stylish vibe to your fave day-about-town outfit. Denim, khakis, shorts and even skirts—this fancy flat really does it all.



The Treggio

With its asymmetrical strap the Treggio is the perfect way to posh up those pleather pants or mini skirt. Try silencing this bad boy and you can think again; this fancy flat is made for you edgier, risqué types. Take the Treggio for a night out on the town and watch how it awes. Wear it alongside your favourite clutch and sheer tank—this flat is most definitely made for flaunting.



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