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Just-In: The jelly shoes Mandrile

Published 05/06/2014 by

When you were young life was so easy, so very carefree. You would come home from school and cookies would be waiting with a chilled glass of milk beside it. Your biggest stress was deciding which colour to paint your nails (obvs, it had to match you knapsack EXACTLY) or complex issues like what boy band to show your loyalty to that week. Alas, some years have pasted and you are older, wiser (or so we tell ourselves) and that cold milk is now but a drop in our scalding cup’pa coffee that is reality. But wait, slam a break on those sads. You can’t just hop, skip and jump over the best part of growing up! What’s that? Basically doing whatever you dang well please grown lady friend. So strap on these fun-loving, squeal inducing Mandrile’s and please pass the Oreos. We’ll all take one.



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