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Mother’s Day Gift DIY: Fruit Bouquet

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Remember that poorly crafted photo book held together with pipe cleaners and white glue you made for mom way-back-when? Well, this is soooo much better than that. If there’s one thing moms’ love more than DIY gifts it’s DIY gifts covered in chocolate. So this year, save yourself a pretty penny and ~wow~ mom this coming Mother’s Day with a DIY fruit bouquet.

What you’ll need:

- Mason jar
- Decorative crystals/stones
- Basket stuffing
- Styrofoam
- Coloured tulle
- Fruit (strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew)
- Semi-sweet chocolate (chunks or chips)
- Cookie cutters
- Knife
- Cutting board
- Wax paper
- Plate
- Microwave safe bowl 

How to do it:

1. Wash and dry jar.
2. Put your crystals/stones at the bottom of the jar then add the basket stuffing, ensuring that it fills about half of the jar.
CIS-FB Jar Step 2
3. Cut your Styrofoam in a circular shape, ensuring that it slides relatively easily into the jar.  
4. Using your coloured tulle, tie a bow around the mouth of the jar.
CIS-FB Jar Step 3, 4


*Chocolate covered strawberries*
1. Stake the stem of each strawberry with a lollipop stick.
CIS-FB Chocolate Strawberries Step 1
2. Cover a plate with wax paper.
3. Place semi-sweet chocolate chunks or chips in a microwaveable safe bowl. Place in microwave 20 seconds at time, stirring between sets so as to avoid burning. The melted chocolate shouldn’t be too thick or else it will be difficult to work with. ~DIY tip~: to test its readiness simply dip your finger into the chocolate – it should dry on your finger almost immediately with little drip.
CIS-FB Chocolate Strawberries Step 3
4. Dip one strawberry at a time into the chocolate using a twirling motion, covering about ¾ of the strawberry. ~DIY tip~: to remove excess chocolate drip, simply twirl each strawberry above the bowl.
CIS-FB Chocolate Strawberries Step 4
5. Place each strawberry on the plate covered with wax paper.
6. Place strawberries in the fridge for 30 minutes to allow the chocolate to set.
1. Using a large knife and cutting board, slice a pineapple into four halves. Cut away the core. Make sure your pieces are relatively thick so as to be well-supported on the lollipop sticks.
CIS-FB Fruit Step 1
2. Using your cookie cutters simply cut through each slice with the shape of your choice.
CIS-FB Fruit Step 2
CIS-FB Fruit Step 2 +
3. Stake each piece of pineapple on a lollipop stick.
CIS-FB Fruit Step 3, 4
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for both the cantaloupe and honeydew.
~DIY tip~: opt for firm but ripe fruit as it will hold up better in your bouquet.
*Finished product*
1. Remove strawberries from fridge.
2. Arrange your fruit any which way you want, placing each stick of fruit into the Styrofoam in the jar.
3. Add some basket stuffing, allowing it to “spill” over the top of the jar for added decor.
CIS-FB Finished Product

Now you’re ready to give your very own custom fruit bouquet to mom. Proceed in eating your own creation only after mom has relished the beauty (and deliciousness) that is your gift.

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