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HOT or NOT: Jelly Shoes

Published 05/20/2014 by

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Just kidding, it’s not quite time for that tasty lunch-time snack, (or horribly catchy song we pretend to hate), though it is time to talk hot or not: jelly shoes edition. Yet another 80’s trend is back on the streets and do we think its freaky cool or is it just freakin’ weird? Cycle back a couple of decades and no doubt the pre-pubescent you wouldn’t have hesitated to say freaky cool, perhaps not in those words exactly but something to that effect. But is this latest footwear trend just that: better left to the kids?

Strappy, plastic and oh-so colourful, there’s just something about jelly shoes that make every outfit look so darn cute. Back in the day—the 80’s, that is—jellies dominated the streets just about everywhere. While it may never fully relive its former glory, it sure has popped up on our fashion footwear radar for the spring and summer season.

At this point you’re probably wondering what in the bleep does one even wear with jelly shoes? If frilly socks are one of your first thoughts then you’re not too far off the mark. Socks and jellies are all up on that the socks and sandals trend we just get can’t get enough of. So if you’re concerned about the whole sweaty-feet-in-plastic-shoes thing socks + jellies = totally acceptable.

CIS-Jelly shoes socks


They’re perhaps best worn, however, with casual-cool getups, particularly with the neo-grunge trend we so love. Distressed denim shorts and acid-wash skinnies give the jelly a more grown-up, street style worthy look.

If you’re still on the fence about this 80’s rebirth, keep in mind that the jelly shoe is a super fun and easy way to add a pop of colour, and character, to just about any outfit. And (yes, there’s an ‘and’) it’s the perfect excuse to cover up your toes when you’ve skipped a pedi or two…or three.

CIS-Jelly shoes shorts


If you’re hot for the jelly check out CIS’s Mandrile—available in clear, black and fushia.

CIS-Jelly shoes skinny jeans


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