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Just-In: Chic handbags with gold hardware

Published 05/27/2014 by

Your alarm doesn’t go off. You pull on your favourite jeans – only to discover a large ink stain on the booty. How did that happen?! Cut to running to your bus stop just as said bus pulls away. When everything around you is cray cray – it’s nice to have polish on your side. And easy polish is that much better. No-brainer, no muss, no fuss chic. We’re talking tight tailoring, glamorous details and zero sacrifice on practicality. The RUINAS is that. This double duty carry all is for the lady who does it all and looks good doing it. It’s spacious – so you can fit all your essentials (wallet, iPhone, mints, keys) and all your non-essentials too (4 lip glosses, a small framed portrait of your cat/dog/hamster and a sugary vice ). Running to catch that bus? Throw it on across you. And when you stroll into work, ever-so-slightly frazzled, toss it on your forearm give a wink and a coy smile. Let those gold details shine, deflect and distract from any hint of your morning under the gun.


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