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Spring Makeup Tutorials

Published 05/28/2014 by

The arrival of a new season and the temperature rising are two solids reasons to revise your beauty look. It’s your time to shine! We often think about changing our wardrobes but what about our makeup and beauty products? The new season ushers in new shades; it’s time to retire those heavy winter hues and welcome pastels and brights! Applying makeup, especially pastels or brights can be tricky. We’ve got you covered. Here are the best spring makeup tutorials to help you rock your new and more daring looks from head to toe.

1. SabsBeauty

SabsBeauty knew that she wanted to make a difference and thought the best way would be by posting videos and sharing all she knew about beauty.


Check out SabsBeauty’s Youtube page


2. Carolina Tatossian

20 years old university student, Carolina’s channel is dedicated to everything related to beauty including makeup tutorials, hauls and reviews.


Check out Carolina Tatossian’s Youtube page


3. VivaLaToriCouture

15 years old Victoria (but you can call her Tori) really enjoys makeup, fashion and photography. Check out some of her videos and get to know her better.


Check out VivaLaToriCouture’s Youtube page


4. Casey Holmes

 Casey- total Georgia girl- and makeup & hair obsessed. Her channel is full of tutorials, hauls, reviews, first impressions and much more.


Check out Casey Holmes’ Youtube page


5. mustl0veshoes

Meg has a passion for everything beauty related, and she’s here to try to share some of her own tips and tutorials with all of us. She’s just a girl who loves playing with makeup & that believes that everyone should feel gorgeous inside and out.


Check out mustl0veshoes’ Youtube page


6. MakeupbyAmarie

Describing herself as an average teenage girl living in the state of Florida, Amarie is known to make videos about hair, makeup and also currently working on expanding her channel to fashion and cool DIY videos. Her goal? She hopes her channel inspires you and puts a huge smile on your face everyday!

Check out MakeupbyAmarie’s Youtube page


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