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Pool-side Report: Spring Summer Mocktails

Published 05/30/2014 by

Okay, so for the record, jumping on a plane and heading to Mexico for a spring get-away is always the right decision. But if for some reason, which would obviously be way beyond your control, you find yourself stuck in the city, that sweet vacation may start to sound more like a staycation. CIS is a yawn free zone, we won’t let you get stuck in snoozeville. We’re bringing the tropical paradise to you with our chic, redefined mock-tails. Who needs Cancun when you have a blender, right? These pulpy pick me-ups are totally SS’ 14 CIS inspired, and so decadently delicious, you’ll forget you ever wanted to escape. Jamaica, who?


Apple – Jax

Normally a fall winter thrill, Apple Cider tends to get left behind when spring is in the air. Big mistake. Huge. Spring Apple Cider will blow your mind. Its succulent rich flavor is down to party all year round. Add a dash lemon and poof – Apple- Jax! A spring delight.


Makes 5 Servings

5 table spoons of Apple Cider powder

3 cups of Ginger-ale

5 lemons sliced and ½ of lemon juice

Water to fill


Sip Tip:

Take your Apple –Jax on the road. Totally portable for any party, Apple-Jax is way better when it’s prepared a day ahead.

Best Served:

When mingling at your buddy’s backyard Spring B.B.Q.



Iced tea is at the head of the Spring slash Summer drink train. Cold, brewed and refreshingly delicious, a Chai-Pie, takes the…pie…or cake…or cookie, really. Mix with O.J and add a brown sugar cinnamon ring. Full of spice and everything ice. Tempting, yes.


Makes 1 Jug

1 kettle full of brewed chai tea, chilled

½ a liter of O.J

½ teaspoon of cinnamon for the rim

1 teaspoon of brown sugar for the rim

1 cinnamon stick per glass


Sip Tip:

Mix the cinnamon and brown sugar on a flat surface. Wet the rim of your glass and place it upside down into the mixture. Turn until the yumminess covers the glass rim.

Best Served:

While people watching on your balcony as you simultaneously fill out quizzes and share laughs with your besties.


Friday Night Lights

Have you ever heard the words “I hate Fridays” ever in your life? We didn’t think so. At CIS we love Fridays so much, we named our most passionate bevie after this sacred day. Friday nights are fun, sexy and full of possibility. A ‘Friday Night Lights’ is the perfect blend of sweet and tarte with all the sexy in its soft subtlety.


Makes 2 servings (Oh so romantic)

2 tablespoons of frozen pink lemonade

2 cups of rose hips tea, cooled

Perrier for bubbles

A dash of sugar

¼ teaspoon of rosewater


Sip Tip:

Let the pink lemonade melt into a soft serve slush before topping up.

Best Served:

On a night-time picnic date. First stop? The 50-yard line.


The Debutant

Going to a ‘spa’ for the first time ever is a total rite of passage. Say ‘spa’ a second time, and watch how fast your frenzied ears learn to perk up. Before you know it, you’re a spa-hard junkie toasting to your girlfriends at spa bunch or sailing away on a spa-cation. Blissful missions to treat yo’ self are serious business that can only be matched with decadence. The Debutant is just that.


Makes 1 serving (lookin’ out for #1)

2 fresh strawberries sliced and dropped into a tall glass

Half a square of Bakers Sweet Chocolate

Dash of vanilla extract

Fill the glass half-way with Almond Milk


Sip Tip:

Squire the strawberries will a long toothpick as you cut them. Drop the squire into the tall glass so they can stand tall.

Best Served:

To you, when you’re wrapped in a soft white towel in between facial and massage.




So perfectly MTB. We introduced refreshing pineapple to piqante jalapeno – results? Instant soul mates. Pack your ‘Caliente’ with crushed pineapple for texture and you’re well on your way to a savory sweet perfection. Luscious and fiery, a ‘Caliente’ will rock your pool-side world into a new (tasty) dimension.


Makes 4 servings

½ a pineapple cut in strips, peeled

½ a pineapple crushed in a blender

4 cups of soda

1-3 small slices of jalapeno depending how spicy you like it


Sip Tip:

Woa mama, can you handle it? It can get spicy when jalapeno is around. A ‘Caliente’ is definitely for daredevils and dark angels. Try one slice, before you’re tempted by two.

Best Served:

On a hot, hawt, day. With your hair in a loose bun, sitting next to a fan, sipping through a long straw.


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