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Just-In: your summer statement necklace

Published 06/02/2014 by

As the temperature rises, the layers get peeled away. It’s all about what is easiest to wear, what’s lightest to wear (read: what won’t make you sweat your butt off ).  The stakes for accessorizing become, obviously, so much higher. Choose wisely. When you can only do a single piece – make it sensational. You want something that makes an impact without screaming LOOK AT ME PLEASEeee. Somewhat delicate works, to mirror the feel of those breezy floral sundresses and drapey whisper thin t-shirts – but nonetheless something with impact. We’re smitten with the RISSA for exactly all these reasons. Coming in a delicious minty hue and precious peachy-pink, it’s a double strand statement that adds two doses of sizzling heat. No sweat.


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