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Meet Los Angeles Blogger Grasie Mercedes

Published 06/05/2014 by

Behind the amazing Style Me Grasie blog is fashion stylist, actress and TV host Grasie Mercedes. Born in New York City and living in Los Angeles, this multi-talented lady is pursing her dreams in entertainment and fashion and is letting us have a VIP sneak peek into her exciting life(style). From beauty through to how to’s , Grasie has everything covered. If you didn’t know of Grasie’s well-known  blog – make sure to check her out. We got the chance to sit down with her and talk all things fashion for the coming season.

What is your first fashion memory?

Michael Jackson & Ola Ray in the “Thriller” music video. I loved that video so much even though I was terrified of Michael in it. The red leather jacket, her tight cropped jeans and high heels. It was magical.

How did you get into blogging?

In addition, to being a blogger, I’m also an actress and on-air host. My hosting agent suggested I become an “expert” in something because it would help him pitch me for hosting gigs. I was like “Well, I love fashion! So…” It was then when I changed my personal website into a fashion blog. It’s evolved a lot over the past 3 years but it’s always been fashion/style centric.

What’s the most amazing fashion event you have ever attended and why?

NYFW is always amazing. Nothing beats a runway show for inspiration. Not to mention, the amazing outfits the people attending the shows are wearing. It’s always fun…and hectic!

Can you tell us about a style you absolutely adored when you were younger and now you look back and cringe?

LOL YES! Not sure we can call it a “style” but there was a time when my friends and I were wearing 3 different pairs of socks at once! You would layer a white pair, then a colored pair, then another white pair. WHY?! The worst part? This was a trend popular in the summer! Imagine that, NYC in humid 90 degree weather, wearing 3 pairs of socks.


Do you have an unofficial off-duty uniform?

Absolutely. If I’m not shooting for the blog or at an event, you will almost always find me in skinny jeans, a comfy tee (usually a concert tee), with pointy flats or bootie boots. If it’s cool out, I layer this look with either my faux leather moto jacket or camo, army jacket.

What’s your process when you put together looks?

I start with one piece I feel like wearing that day and build from there. Sometimes it’s an easy process, sometimes I get “blogger block” and it can take me 40 minutes to put an outfit together. I hate when that happens!

What are your CIS shoe picks for S/S 14?

The Eowalellan, the Altis and the Vitereta.

What trend(s) are you loving/not-feeling for SS14?

I’m loving matching set pieces! Whether it’s a crop top with shorts, trousers or a skirt, I love this trend! I’m NOT loving the return of Birkenstocks. Can’t get on that fashion train.

Outside of fashion, what are your greatest passions?

Acting, acting, acting! Oh and my family, husband and dog Hayden :)

Where do you see yourself and your blog in 5 years?

I would love to be on hit TV show while still maintaining my blog a la Ashley Madekwe.



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