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Just- In: Glamorous Handbags for Summer

Published 06/10/2014 by

Time to go. What will it be? Will you be grabbing that last min grocery bag to fit all your “stuff” into, or that broke down tote bag (you know the one with a giant ink stain on the bottom). Stop right there. You are so much better than that. Look at you. You are super gorge and deserving of a bag worthy of that elegant arm. We know there are practical handbag concerns like space (it must be cute) , weight (but is it cute?) and silhouette (make. it. cute.). The Deroidra is all of those things and more. She might look like a posh lady but she has a playful side too. Inside is a colourful micro floral lining and a long strap for wearing her two-ways. Now go burn that tote bag already.


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