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Top Inspirational Tumblr Sites

Published 06/13/2014 by

Here at Call It Spring we know that inspiration can come from just about anywhere, but when we can’t sit at a café and watch the world go by or comb through stacks of vintage magazines, we turn to our trusted friend, Tumblr. It’s our failsafe inspiration hub with endless images to view, save and share…speaking of sharing, here are some of our favourite Tumblr sites we’re loving this very moment—happy inspiration hunting!

1. Kylie Jenner

Domain: Kalifornia-Klass
Why we love it: Kylie Jenner’s been killin’ it fashion-wise lately, and her Tumblr site is just further proof.

2. Post Patternism


Domain: Post Patternism
Why we love it: This whole site is awash in the soft, dreamy colours of endless summers spent sipping iced coffee and collecting wildflowers.

3. A Beautiful Mess


Domain: A Beautiful Mess
Why we love it: A mix of street style, runway, editorial and cute puppies makes for one blissful afternoon of endless scrolling.

4. Stephanie

Domain: Stephanie Sian Smith
Why we love it: A look behind-the-scenes as London-based photographer Stephanie Sian Smith captures some of the best and brightest of London’s vibrant art scene.

5. Truly Stylish

Domain: Truly Stylish
Why we love it: With the most note-worthy images from every fashion show and magazine editorial, this site provides one of the best snapshots of what the fashion world looks like at this very moment.

6. LA Cool et Chic

Domain: LA Cool et Chic
Why we love it: The exact formula for effortless So-Cal style can be found here.

7. Aleven11

Domain: Aleven:11
Why we love it: Run by aussie-islander Loni Jane, who shares her Gold Coast lifestyle and beautiful recipes to more than 200K+ adoring fans.

8. Le Bus Magique

Domain: Le Bus Magique
Why we love it: This whole blog feels like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie, and you never have to leave.



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