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What’s in Your Bag: CIS Edition

Published 06/19/2014 by

Summer is just around the corner and we’re take full advantage, getting outside more and more. Hence, we’re having to carry just a little bit more of our life around with us. Bags have become a non-negotiable as we head out for the day – hitting up the pool, the park, a patio (or two) and hopping by a friends place for good measure. We asked the super-stylish ladies of Call it Spring their go-tos for travelling tight this season.


 Our resident vintage mix-master Sarah wears the VENETICO

When you’re a working gal, you gotta make the best of your days off and soak up as many rays you can. I like to spend my summer days off in as little clothes as possible enjoying picnics in the park. My best summer memory is more a series of images than an actual event; turquoise water, hiking trails and tanned skin. My Venetico tote is ideal for summer because it gives me the space I need to keep it jam packed with summer essentials; a good read, lip stain,  my Call it Spring WILF cat-eye shades and the best summer playlist on my iPhone!



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Our sophisticate, Shaylah wears the PERRYDALE


I spend my summers basking in the sun (obvs slathered in SPF), and trying to squeeze in as much pool time as I can! My favourite summer memory is …getting married last summer. My seasonal essentials include: a delicious hand cream that smells like a Parisian Summer (every gal needs a lotion that transports her to her favourite place), a girly book like ‘Parisian Chic’ (a trend is forming…) and, lastly, some cool CIS SECONDIGLIANO shades to pull it all together. This PERRYDALE bag is perfect for me as it’s structured, large, and totally classic. I can pair it with just about anything and can fit just about anything in it.  Not to mention it’s a great transitional bag if you’re going from ‘Day to Night’.




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Our polished girly-girl, Cristina wears the WARNECKE


When I think of summer, instantly my mind is flooded with thoughts of long walks, hanging with friends, eating gelato for dinner, sunsets at 8:30pm and a shorter morning makeup regiment because of that much coveted sun-kissed glow. My favorite memory would be my Europe trip a few years back; breathtaking views and a whole lot of the aforementioned gelato!  Even when I’m travelling miles away I’m the type of girl who brings her home with her –  I’m sure many can relate.  I always make sure to keep my Call It Spring WARNECKE  bag packed with my essentials. I’m always stocked up on gum, cell phone (don’t like to admit it but got to stay connected!),  Call it Spring GWENASSA sunnies and my dry shampoo – so I can get up and go and not miss a minute of the day! 



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