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DIY: Shredded T-Shirts

Published 06/25/2014 by

As the summer season gradually makes its appearance it’s not long afterwards that our midriffs, flower crowns and neon-framed sunnies do too. This year we want you to be festival fashion-worthy in the it summertime staple – the shredded shirt. Reinvent your old t-shirt or tank with scissors and, of course, CIS. This DIY is a fun and creative way to up-cycle your no-longer-in-use clothing while creating a custom made look ideal for any festival this year.

The Classic Shred

CIS-Shredded Shirt 1 Final

What you’ll need:
- A loose fitting t-shirt
- Fabric shears
- Chalk (sidewalk or tailor’s); used here sidewalk chalk
- Measuring tape/ruler (optional)

How to do it:

1. Draw a straight line across the shirt, about mid-stomach, using chalk and a ruler. The ruler is used to help you make a straight line.

2. Keeping both sides of the shirt even and in place, simply make vertical cuts about 1 cm wide using your fabric shears, using your chalk line as the stopping point. Don’t forget to wipe off the chalk afterwards using a damp cloth!

CIS-Shredded Shirt 1

DIY extra: If you’re not comfortable showing off your midsection – no worries! Simply opt for a t-shirt that falls below your bum and cut shreds to your waistline instead.


The knotted, V shred

CIS-Shredded Shirt 2 Final

What you’ll need:
- A tank top
- Fabric shears
- Chalk
- Measuring tape

How to do it:

1. Starting from just below the bra line, draw an angled line towards the bottom center of the shirt using chalk. Repeat the same step on the other side. The two lines should form a V.

2. Use a measuring tape to make sure the lines are about even on either side.

3. Starting from the bottom (where the chalk lines meet), make vertical cuts about 1 cm wide using your fabric shears ensuring that you stop each cut once you hit the chalk line. Repeat the same step on the opposite side.

4. Pull on each shred so that the edges fold over slightly, helping to hide any jaggedness.

5. Starting from the bottom, knot together two shreds at a time. DIY tip: if you’re left with an odd number off shreds, simply tie it into another – the result will hardly be noticeable amongst the finished product.

CIS-Shredded Shirt 2

DIY extra: you can add a bead above each knot for added flare – simply strand a bead onto two cuts of fabric, then make a knot to hold it in place.


The horizontal Shred

CIS-Shredded Shirt 3 Final

What you’ll need:
- Tank top
- Fabric shears
- Chalk

How to do it:

1. Starting from just below the bra line, draw a few lines horizontally across the back of your tank using chalk, beginning the “longest” line on top so that you finish with your “shortest” line on the bottom. Keep about 1 cm of space between each line.

2. Using your fabric shears, simply cut along each line. DIY tip: If you feel comfortable, you can make cuts all the way up your back. You can also stick to making “even” cuts rather than longer to shorter cuts.

3. Pull on at the edges slightly so as to hide any jaggedness.

CIS-Shredded Shirt 3

Call it cool, call it crafty, Call it Spring – these three, simple, do-it-yourself shredded shirts are sure to kick festival season into high gear. Show us how you did it on Insta (@CallitSpring)!

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