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Just-In: Block heeled Sandals

Published 06/30/2014 by

One of the major pros of warmer weather is a return to a more low-maintenance routine. As the temps rise, we get outside more, strip away the layers of clothes and make-up and let our skin breathe. And although not all of our beauty products are made from coconut oils, sunshine and organic blueberries – we still like to think of ourselves as (somewhat) natural beauties. Let us present the SADOMA. She’s the surprising weekend warrior that will meet you half way to haute-hippie town, without looking like you just wandered in from a potato field. A sensible block heel allows this little lady to give you lift without bringing pain. And the neutral colour palette is like bronzer for your stems – elongating those  legs. So you can have the best of both worlds. Leave those birks by your oatmeal scrub and strap on these (almost) natural beauties.



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