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DIY Nail Art: Get this perfect polka nail look

Published 07/01/2014 by

We’ve fallen in love with novelty bags this season, from the perfect pucker our BOLDENOW lip bag to a good luck ladybug  the TORRIGLIA - these charming carry-alls bring life to any look. Elfi Lemieux, the nail artist genius behind Paloooza Nails, has created this ADORBs polka-dot look specially for CIS readers inspired by our bug bag. Get the jump on how to recreate it and a few insider tips along the way.

Step 1 Prepping Your Nails

Start by filing your nails in your desired silhouette, round, oval or square. To make sure your nail surface is nice and smooth use a nail buffer to remove the shine. Next, using nail polish remover, swipe each fingernail. Apply a good base coat. Insider tip: Be careful to not apply any polish onto your cuticles, it will allow them to breathe!


Step 2 The white

Apply white as the base colour. Insider Tip: For best results, the first coat should always be thin; it’s normal to see strikes ! It’s the second coat that will make the colour even and opaque.


Step 3 Polka dots!

Using a bright red polish and a medium size dotting tool (the head of a large pin works in a pinch), create a row of dots in the middle of the nail. Then do a second row by shifting the first dot. That way you will have a precise polka dot pattern. Do as many rows you need to fill the nail bed. Leave the base of the nail white for step 4…




Step 4 The Black

With a opaque black polish and again using the dotting tool make your half-moon shape. If you dont have steady hands you can use tape or nail stickers to mask off a perfect half oval.


Step 5 Completing the Look

With the nail polish brush, paint the tip of your nail to do a black french tip! Make sure to wait 3-5 minutes before applying the top coat, that way you will avoid all the colours blending together and you will have an awesome and ~*flawless*~ manicure!







The final Look!





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