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Hot or Not: Ugly/Pretty Sandals

Published 07/08/2014 by

This just in: cute and comfy mate in one of SS14’s most popular footwear trends – ugly/pretty sandals. At last we’ve closed the gap in the age-old dilemma of mitigating fashion with function. That being said, save your sweats and moth eaten tees for another day (or never). These sandals won’t be party to fashion crime. We do not purport, however, to make promises to your future self (mom jeans and muscle tees included).

Ugly/pretty sandals are just that; they’re ugly, they’re pretty but, yet, they’re just so flippin’ fabulous. They’re best equated to a pug, or a flat-faced feline breed – so ugly but somehow just SO.DARN.CUTE! Right? Not to mention the fact that ugly/pretty sandals are just about everywhere, in places and on people you’d least expect them to be.

Better yet, no longer are ugly/pretty sandals restricted to pairing with Bermuda shorts and capped tee shirts only. In fact, you can and should wear ugly/pretty sandals with everything hip/cool/fab or just cause you wanna. Go for a classic look in cropped or flared denim. Feeling sporty? Opt for shorts. If doughty is your game, toss a leather jacket into the fray or accent your outfit with hints of hardware. For a more feminine vibe a lacy ensemble or a flirty dress are both wins when paired with the ugly/pretty sandal, too. Perhaps the only ‘outfit’ not advised is your birthday suit. The fact that you really can pair this footwear with just about anything while still being on trend is, perhaps, the most appealing aspect of the ugly/pretty sandals.

There’s something to be said, however, for the plain Jane design of ugly/pretty sandals. Once upon a time they were considered ‘frumpy’, no? Are they still? There is perhaps little that is aesthetically appealing about this style of footwear. Minimalist hardware detailing on a slip-on design is only a slight step-up from a beach flip flop. The fashion gods sometimes make mistakes. The question is: are ugly/pretty sandals one of them?

Prejudices aside, ugly/pretty sandals are most definitely friendly to the feet. For all their lacklustre design, they’re here (at least for now) so why not relish in a trend that’s all about utilitarian comfort? If you’ve been rocking ugly/pretty sandals for quite some time, or you just recently hopped aboard the trend, then you know what we’re talking about. If you’ve yet to try out this trend, what’s holding you back?


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