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Just-In: Comfy sandals for summer

Published 07/08/2014 by

I was a late bloomer. The girl who would stand on the sidelines of every school dance. The so-called plain Jane. Nothing special. The one that blends into the crowd. But times have changed.  It isn’t all about razzle dazzle and embellishment – and height (let’s be honest) is very overrated. Those with refined taste see the beauty in my simplicity and rejoice in my versatility. And, not that I am one to toot my own horn, I bring comfort to any sartorial situation. Yes, I may have an understated aesthetic that some might look past but this season things have changed. This summer, I’ve come into my own and if you’re bold enough…if you’re brave enough to take a chance on me, you’ll see that I am the footwear duckling that turns any ensemble into a style swan.

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