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Inside CIS: Get to know Stylist Jay

Published 07/23/2014 by

How did you get into styling as a profession?

Since I was young, I’ve always been interested in costumes in movies or television and was trying to stand out with my style. In my yearbook, I was named the most stylish. I guess [my passion] evolved into being a profession.



What’s the worst thing in your personal wardrobe,

that you’re ashamed you own but you love it?

My beer mug and pretzels print boxers… Good thing nobody sees them.


What is your favourite trend for Fall 2014 and how would you style them?

Normcore.  The key for this style is to have pieces with a good fit because you can style it with different kinds of basics. (Editors Note: For a deeper understanding of normcore click here)


What is the best/worst part about your job?

Worst part: making returns

Best part: the final result after all the hard work.


What are the 3 pairs of shoes every guy/girl should own?

Nice sneakers, leather ankle boots and a great pair of dress shoes. Don’t be afraid of colour.


Who/what are you finding mind-blowing-ly inspiring right at this very moment?

The last thing that really hit me was the movie Her.  I love the simplicity, tailoring, colour palette and the fabric of the costumes. Keeping the retro vibe but in a futuristic world.


Getting inventive with props. Stylist : Jay Forest

Jay getting inventive with CIS props.

What is your aesthetic signature?

A bit of street style in everything I do.


If you weren’t a stylist – what is another career path you would pursue?

I really don’t know, sometimes I ask myself that question.


Clowning around on set. Stylist : Jay Forest

Clowning around on set.

Give us the best insider tip you’ve picked up along the way.

The best tip to have a good style is don’t try too hard and be confident. The simplest look will shine with your confidence.




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