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Get this CIS inspired Nail Art

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Step 1 – Get those nails ready


As always start by giving your nails a proper manicure (filing,cuticles,buffing) , then cleaning them with polish remover and applying a base coat. These little steps make a huge difference on how long your polish will hold on !


img 01


img 02

Step 2 – The white


Apply white as the base colour. It’s normal that the first coat doesn’t look perfect; it’s the second coat that should make the white opaque. White polish can be tricky to apply, but don’t worry – for this look the flowers will cover any imperfections! Allow time for it to dry fully before step 3.


img 03


img 04

Step 3 – The Flower’s Base Colour

I’ve picked a bright light turquoise to match the Call it Spring wallet, but it could be any bright colour you love! Using the nail polish brush, paint the five petals of the flower. This look is not supposed to be graphic or precise, so don’t stress about the placement of the flowers. The feel is more organic to echo that wildflower feel.


img 05


img 06



img 07



img 08


Step 4 – Add Dimension with a Darker Hue

Using a darker shade of blue, simply brush some polish on the petals, shifting the stroke over the initial petals to create dimesion and a 3-d shading effect. Make sure to remove the nail polish excess from the brush or else it will look too opaque.


img 09

img 10


img 10


img 11


Step 5 – The Center

With a dotting tool and a radiant yellow nail polish, do two to four dots in the middle of each flower to create your center.

img 12

img 13

Step 6 –  The liner

Take a black liner (It’s worth buying one instead of using a brush or a toothpick!!) and outline each petal. Again remember even if there is small imperfections, it will fit with the artistic style! Also start with your non-dominant hand that way you will be done with the hard part first and finish with the easier last!


img 14

Step 7 – The Finishing Touch

After waiting at least five minutes, apply a coat of top coat! Try not to touch anything for an other 5-10 to allow the polish to dry. Ta-dah, you now have a fab manicure, prefect for the hot and tropical weather!

img 15









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