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DIY Friendship Bracelet

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*Friendz R 4ever*. At least that’s what your friendship bracelets used to read until, well you know … you grew up. Don’t worry though; the fun of cute and colourful bestie bracelets needn’t be lost to your youth. We’ve reimagined the friendship bracelet for the modern, more-grown-up you with metallic hardware and tastefully paired colour combos for that urban beach vibe any friend would be fortunate to receive. Or, you know, you could just make two for yourself … or three, or four.

What you’ll need

- Embroidery thread (approximately six colours). Found at Michaels, $0.49 each
- Chain link bracelet. Found at Ardene, $5.99
- Scissors
- Measuring tape
- Bobby pins or embroidery needle
- Your bestie
CIS-Friendship Bracelet Supplies


How to do it

1. Cut 4 strands of each colour of embroidery thread, approximately 40 inches in length. This should give you a total of 24 strands. Separate strands into two groups of 12. DIY tip: If you prefer a thicker braid, add more strands.

CIS-Friendship Bracelet Step 1


2. Tie the two sets of strands together at the top. Leave at least a couple of inches as you can always trim away the excess later. DIY tip: it is better to have more than less!

CIS-Friendship Bracelet Step 2


3. Lay your chain link bracelet vertically in front of you, as well as your strands. Begin by pulling your first set of strands underneath the first chain link. Tuck this strand beneath the second strand, so that the second strand is laying on top of the first strand.  DIY tip: You can use a bobby pin or embroidery needle to help keep the thread in place when weaving your braid.

CIS-Friendship Bracelet Step 3


4. Pull your second strand underneath the first chain link. Place the second strand beneath the first strand, and repeat. Remember: over and under, over and under, just as you would a hair braid.

CIS-Friendship Bracelet Step 4


5. You should begin to see a braid pattern forming. Keep it as tight as possible to avoid pulls.

CIS-Friendship Bracelet Step 5


6. When you reach the bottom of your bracelet, simply repeat the same pattern on opposite side. Treat the last chain link on the first side of your bracelet like the first chain link on the second side of your bracelet, so that this chain link will have each strand weaved through it twice. DIY tip: flip your bracelet the opposite way so you can work on creating the second side.

CIS-Friendship Bracelet Step 6


7. When you reach the “top” or end of your bracelet, undo the initial knot you made and tie together all “four” strands. Now, cut away any excess strands to your desired length.

CIS-Friendship Bracelet Step 7


Don’t be afraid to go crazy with colour! Really, the possibilities are endless. You can also stick to making the braid on just one side of the bracelet. Simply tie a knot at the end of the first side, for a half braid, half chain look. Not a fan of gold? Look for a silver bracelet instead. You can also use this same technique on a smaller or larger chain link—you can even make a necklace (check out PLESKAC)! Do we foresee a matching necklace/bracelet combo for your bestie’s birthday? Yeah, we know we rock.

CIS-Friendship Bracelet finished

 Insta us your bestie bracelet bonding pics (@callitspring)!

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