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What’s In Your Bag: Kastor & Pollux talk the Essentials

Published 08/08/2014 by

The items you carry around in your bag are often super indicative of who you are as a person – and since Bianca and I are notorious snackers, we really had to scale it back a notch and forgo the majority of the snacks (and the subsequent crumbs + wrappers) that frequent the bottom of our bags. While this is something we like to call a more #minimal approach to living, it is (mainly) a more informative guide to what our day-to-day essentials really are.


Since we’re constantly on the go (read: waking up late for work), a plethora of makeup strewn between our two bags is a given – but aside from the products that easily ~beautify~ our face, we’re also big on practicality: after all, working up a sweat carrying useless/non-edible/non-beautifying items is beneficial for absolutely no one.



Dani’s Essentials 


Benelario bag via Call it Spring


When it comes to bags, I tend to opt for super spacious, boldly coloured carry-alls that can easily accommodate all my big-girl work-related items. This cylindrical bag not only does the trick, but is also cute, stylish, and monochromatic(!!!!) – the perfect pairing for the non-coloured clothing that has been slowly infiltrating my closet.


Of course, two of the hot ticket items in my bag are my two face necessities – liquid eyeliner and red lipstick – to make sure I always look and feel like myself. I also keep Benefit’s Porefessional Agent Zero Shine powder on hand (for times when life gets too stressful and I work up a sweat). Throwing makeup in my bag never feels like too much of a commitment, and oftentimes, I’ll have 5 different shades of red lipstick on me at any given time…just because.


Aside from all of that, my bag carries all the basic necessities – headphones (so I can listen to Future Islands on repeat), a wallet (so I can look longingly at my maxed-out credit cards etc), and Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 90 so I can capture all the fun moments I have with my one friend (Bianca). This might sound super self-deprecating, but I promise it’s not all that bad. My Moleskine sketchbook (covered in CIS stickers) ALSO comes with me everywhere I go, as I have always prefered creating to-do lists on paper vs. on my phone. Plus, there’s something really satisfying about conceptualizing ideas (or making notes to return my mom’s call(s)) in infinite spaces using pen and ink.


I guess generally speaking, my bag is pretty much all work and no play – but holographic details and stickers make it seem like a fun playground of both productivity and #beautytips.



Danis choice

Dani’s choice

Benelario bag via Call it Spring


Bianca’s Essentials


Bianca's Choice

Bianca’s Choice

Mini bag via Call It Spring 


Unlike Danielle, I always go for an understated bag. It just seems like the sensible thing to do when your closet is filled to the brim with graphic prints and embroidered travesties. With that being said, I speak no word of a lie when I say I’ve been joined at the hip with this boxy Celine-esque number, since it’s a) black, b) spacious, and c) pretty chill.


However, though the bag remains the same, the contents are fickle. Of course, I always carry around essentials like my wallet, keys, business cards, and water bottle… but everything else is dependent on what I’m doing that day. For example, my snack of choice isn’t always an apple. Sometimes it’s an entire poutine. A hairbrush is optional if I actually washed my hair that morning. Sunglasses are only present if the sun is as well. Makeup is only in there if I remembered to put it in there. Anyway, you get the point. It doesn’t take much more than a minimalistic cross-body to please me.





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