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DIY: Get this CIS inspired Fall Nail Look

Published 08/26/2014 by

Fall is just around the corner and you’re frantically closet purging. What fits, what almost fits – what’s ‘you’ – what is def not. But what about your beauty look? It deserves a lil refresh… a bit of love and inspiration. We got you. Put away those plain Jane polishes and get ready to dazzle in the digits department with this ah-Maze nail DIY courtesty of the very talented Elfi Lemieux of Paloooza Nails in Mtl and a our JULIET aztek sneaks.


Step 1 Prepping the nails

As usual start by prepping your nails (cuticles,buffing and desired shape) ! For this look we’ve chosen to style the nail with an almond shape, but any could work. Apply your base coat.



Step 2 The base

You will need to pick 3 colours that will be used to create the base colour and some graphic section. Apply the first thin coat. Then a second to have a even colour! Allow to dry.



Step 3 Colour blocking

This nail set is all about creativity and having fun with the colors! Mix-match the colour on each nail, form stripes and triangles with the nail polish brush. For an easier look, choose one pattern that you like and repeat it on all the nails! Wait 3-5 minutes.



Step 4 The lines

After all the sections are painted, it’s time for the liner! Use a long and thin brush dipped in black nail polish to outline the sections. Make sure your polish is nice and smooth, using a old gooey polish will make your application arduous :( Play with the thickness of the lines to add some diversity to the patterns. You can also paint small sections all black.






Step 5 The final touch

Make sure to let the polish dry before applying the top coat or else you’ll smudge and ruin all the lines! And Voilà your tribal inspired manicure is complete!







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