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Music Map – Charli XCX

Published 08/27/2014 by

Cut + paste to generate? Reimagine & recreate? Stay up late to innovate? We celebrate 5 original acts that have each arrived at stellar songs through unique approaches to songwriting. From dark beats to bright bleeps, this is the first artist of our rhythmic rundown of ear essentials for the fall!


Charli XCX

On the map > London

It’s safe to say that it’s been a massive year for London chanteuse Charli XCX. She collaborated with Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea on the synthy smash hit “Fancy” where she killed the chorus’ crazy catchy hook. So fancy, you already know, right? The song’s music video, a visual remix of the movie Clueless, went viral streaming over 140 million times on YouTube alone. What’s meta is hearing Charli sing about Tokyo in the song’s chorus when the video’s been streamed by as many viewers as Japan has people!

However, Charli XCX is more than just her guest spot on “Fancy.” This past summer she broke 10 million views of her own videos on YouTube then released “Boom Clap,” proving once again that at just 22 years old she really is the chorus queen. Emotive and bouncy, “Boom Clap” is a big track, and could possibly serve as a teaser of sorts for her new album… which is rumoured to drop this fall. Given she’s toured with Coldplay, Ellie Goulding and Sleigh Bells and – you won’t even believe this  - written pop anthem’s like Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” you gotta believe that Charli XCX’s next record will be a serious winter-long staple!


Charli XCX facts

500,000+ combined followers on Facebook and Twitter
Boom Clap has 5 million views on YouTube

Check out Charli XCX’s website

Illustration by Hisashi Okawa


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