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College Survival Guide: Taking the Shame Out of Lame

Published 09/03/2014 by

It’s that time of year. Oh yes. FML. Ugh. #backtoschoolbb. We’ve gathered our college grads so that we can give you some sweet advice on how to survive that back-to-school pain. With a little bit of hindsight in tow, our BTS expert tips fall somewhere between smarty and party, so start taking notes ASAP. Doing at least 4 out of these 7 things, will ensure that this term will be one to remember.

1. Go to Class.


You know how when you call in sick at work they dock your pay? Take that scenario and replace it with school. Every hour of class you miss you are docking your brain of info you need to pass the class. Yes you can make up these ‘work hours’ but it’s not the same as hearing it from the boss a.k.a your knowledgeable prof. So get your butt to class, no excuses. We know you’ve been hearing it from everyone… that’s probably because it’s true.


2. Find a Mentor.

Almost every college has a student mentor resource center and almost every student is completely clueless that this amazing resource even exists. Best way to find out? Just search ‘mentor’ for it on your college homepage. If you have a center, it will pop up for sure. Having a mentor to experience your year with you will be ultra rewarding. It’s like having a personal cheerleader to encourage you on everything from passing your next exam to writing your final paper.


3. Join Everything or Start Something.

Sustainability Club? Geography Club? Social Club? Student Rights on Campus Association? History Club? Whatever floats your boat, join it or start it. Getting involved outside of the classroom is mega important for your life inside the classroom. Being involved will improve your social life, beef-up your post grad career portfolio and help you maintain a balanced lifestyle. Joining a club may sound intimidating at first, but we guarantee once you start to meet like minded people you have fun with, you’ll be the talk of the town. Valedictorian is just around the corner.


4. Party Like a Pro.


Go to freshman parties, have fun, get out there and get social! Partying and college have an undeniably serious PDA relationship that we love, as long as it’s done on the record. Very soon in the near future you will fully come to understand the definition of ‘know your limits’. When it happens (you’ll know) mark that glory moment, with a big red flag, in your mind. This will now be the go to image that will save you from times of despair, as you remember why it’s so very important to party like the professionals who are guided by these three rules:

  1. From the bartender, into your very own hands – drink your own drink
  2. Keep your senses keen – and listen to your intuition
  3. Tell someone where you are going – or buddy up with a trusted friend


5. How to Date in College


Actually date. As in go on dates, like more than one outing with more than one person. College is a time for self-discovery and independence, so invoke your democratic right to date, mate and freely explore who you are and how you grow. Casual hook-ups are great, but waiting around for a midnight text or msg when you have an early morning class is not an option. If someone is into you, they will make the effort to respect your time schedule. Otherwise, keep busy and stay focused. Surround yourself with the amazing people who make you feel good. Everyone else can just get in line, cuz you ain’t got time.


6. From Zzz to A+


Your Z’s are a big part of making your A’s happen. Without sleep your body and mind can play random tricks on you, like suddenly feeling run down, zoning out, or feeling a change in temperature.  Lack of sleep can also alter the way in which you absorb information. You need to give your body at least seven hours of quiet time to feel rested, so you’re going to schedule sleep as if it’s a chore.  When you set your wake up alarm, set your bedtime alarm for that night. No matter where you are, when your phone lights up, you better head to lights-out.  It’s all in the routine.


7. What Not to Wear

Student style can be expansive, ranging from PJ’s to Platforms, you never know who will be clad in what when you walk into the classroom. Looking good and feeling good are bonded, so having a couple of key study outfits will save you tons of time when you can’t decide what to wear when you are late for class. Your outfits should be comfortable (without going into PJ territory) and easy, without making you feel self-conscious and distracted (8-inch heels you can’t walk in). Best to stay mid-range with loafers, oxfords, ballet flats, and jeans.


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