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Hot or Not: Lug Soles & Tractor Soles

Published 09/22/2014 by

Like it or not, fall (fashion) is here. While we are making no apologies for the ah-mazingness that is autumn wear, we know you may be hesitant to, ahem, fully embrace the season just yet. Well, CIS knows how to turn that frown upside down because you’re going to freakin’ love what we’ve got in stores.

Or will you?

CIS -Tractor Soles Image 2 from Share My Chic

Yet again, we are here to weigh in on what could be a fashion yay as in Y-A-Y CIS ~rules~ or a fashion nay as in … just no. Which awesome (or perhaps not-so-awesome) trend are we speaking of? Tractor soles. Sometimes also known as lug soles and trek or trak soles.

Zip ‘em or slip ‘em, we’ve got the right tractor sole booties for you. With their block heel and textile lining, these chunky pretties are sure to be the star of your shoe shrine for FW’14. In true flat form-esque fashion, the tractor sole resembles, yes, a tractor tire. While farm equipment is typically less than desirable in fash-un, we can’t help but feel that this particular style is a practical addition to our footwear collection. Side note: smooth bottomed booties typically don’t work well with icy pavements and snowy sidewalks (though we love them just the same).

The tractor sole’s punkish, industrial vibe is what we’re really feeling. It’s as if Mel C, a.k.a.  Sporty Spice, circa 1994 came back to life (or rather mainstream existence) in the form of a shoe.

CIS-Tractor Soles Image 1 from A Fashion Free Fall

Or is the tractor sole simply man-ish and unflattering? Where exactly does the appeal lie, if not for the sole (no pun intended) reason that this particular style of shoe has been dictated by the fashion gods as worthy for FW’14? Where does the madness end? When will these questions end?

Hesitations aside, the tractor sole is workable with any outfit day or night. You will never again whine about sore feet and cramped toes. Still not convinced (no but seriously, what’s wrong with you?) then check out our HIESEN and MIRADOWEN for yourself.

Photo: Imaxtree

Photo: Imaxtree

What’s your verdict: are tractor soles hot or not?

Show us how you wear them – and because we love to creep ya, share on Instagram and #CallitSpring


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