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The Top Fall 2014 Nail Trends

Published 10/02/2014 by

Remember when nail art consisted of applying a single colour on all of your nails? Yeah well, we are glad this boring era in nail fashion is behind us. Nowadays, nails are yet another medium to express yourself with! So follow these fall nail art styles to bring the runway trends to your fingertips! The very talented Elfi Lemieux, of Paloooza Nails in Montreal, takes you through the top tips for dazzling digits this fall.


1. Nudes

Nudes are going to be huge this fall but as a nail artist I always like to twist things up… For this look, I applied a nude polish, followed with a matte top coat and finished with a gold line to create texture. No top coat needed!


2. Black And White

This look is all about lines, shapes and graphic patterns. It can be a really simple, sleek design or something more elaborate, the choice is yours!



3. Negative Spaces

For this look, all you need to do is incorporate some clear spaces into your favourite nail art design. For example, half-moon,  French manicure or gradient nails are a perfect match with this style.



4. Plaid Patterns

This is a classic that can be painted in a minimalist or in a more fancy way. Use a single colour, a mix or add a touch of metallic. Make sure to use a liner brush and wait before applying the top coat in order to avoid smudging your design!



5. Monochrome

If you are looking for something more simple, this style is for you. This sophisticated look can be done with any fall colour such as burgundy, forest green, nude or metallic tones!


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