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Kastor & Pollux Fall Boot Lookbook

Published 10/03/2014 by

  Say bye-bye to your sandals n slingbacks, ladies — make some room for COLD WEATHER SHOEZ!!! I know, I know, it’s sad to see summer go, blah blah blah, but life goes on. I do have to admit I forgot how to wear anything other than sneakers and slides since they’re the only kind of footwear I’ve touched for the last five months, so I had to write this (maybe biased, maybe not) pros and cons list to remind me how good and great and versatile ~*BOOTS*~ are. Be prepared to be swayed ~~~

PROS: – There are sOoOo many options! Different heights, heels, closures, colours, OH MY!!! – They keep your feeties nice n toasty – Many varieties can withstand rigorous activities such as hiking, biking, and others I refuse to mention because they do not rhyme with hiking – Less probability of getting rocks stuck in there – There is no need 4 pedicures – If you pick knee/thigh high numbers, there is also no need to shave your legs. That’s almost half of your body you don’t have to groom

CONS: – For argument’s sake, there are none WOW! Would ya look at that. There is literally nothing stopping you from crossing over to ~*BOOTS*~. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can finally enjoy the lovely emoji GIFs I spent all day making. Watch in awe as Dani and I do a can-can dance in the emoji rain, hair flip with emoji explosions, and high five amidst emoji claps — wearing Call It Spring ~*BOOTS*~, of course.


ON BIANCA: Kastor & Pollux jacket, Oak + Fort jeans, Call It Spring Grywia boot ON DANI: Forever 21 sweater, Kastor & Pollux skirt, Call It Spring Scerbo boot




ON BIANCA: Kastor & Pollux blouse, Zara skort, vintage cardigan, Call It Spring Bawen boot ON DANI: Cameo sweater, Kastor & Pollux skirt, Call It Spring Boscomare boot




ON BIANCA: Pixie Market sweater, Kastor & Pollux shorts, American Apparel hat, Call It Spring Borovsky boot ON DANI: Kastor & Pollux tank, Cameo skort, Aldo purse, Call It Spring Yirassa boot





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