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Life Hack: 16 Ways to Rework Your Fall Wardrobe

Published 10/15/2014 by

Look your best this fall with Call It Spring’s top 16 wardrobe hacks. For the divas and divos on a dime, we’ve got the best tricks-of-the-trade to keep you lookin’ cool and keep your hard earned dollars in the black. This is CIS’s best-of style hacks for fall ’14.

1. Best in class

Slip into a simple silhouette (LBD, anyone?) and work your “too cool for school” attitude with CIS’s SEVUWIEL  for her, the perfect casual chic flat and DEMBOWSKI for him, a lace-up made for both business and play.

2. Tend to trends

Sift through your fave fashion mag and then browse through your clothes. Anything looks familiar? Fashion is cyclical so chances are that you already own items that are back this season. You may be missing a few elements but you just saved yourself some unnecessary shopping – if that can be a thing.

3. Stick to 6

The rule of thumb is: if you haven’t worn an item in the previous 6 to 12 months, ditch it. It can be a painful process as we get attached to stuff but it’s as hard as it is necessary. There is no need for you to keep clothes that you know deep down you will never wear again.

4. Friends who style together, stay together

Your friends aren’t just your go-to buddies for broken hearts and bestie bracelets – though they’re just as needed for that too – they also make great style consultants. Clean out your closet with a friend in tow, sometimes their objective eye is all you need.

5. Shop the staples

Look for foundational pieces like camis, button-ups, cardigans, blazers, khakis, jeans and skirts and stick to solid colours and soft prints for maximum versatility. As standalone pieces these are pretty plain but their purpose is to fill in the blanks of your outfits and highlight your nicest pieces.

6. Because why not buyback?

Consignment shops are quickly becoming a dime-a-dozen. Don’t want to leave the house? Go online, there are plenty of consignment programs to be found. It’s a great way to ditch no-longer-in-use pieces while gaining a small fortune – cha-ching!

7. No shop, more swap

Source out a clothing swap in your area or host one yourself! You know you’ve been eyeing that oh-so-adorbs cable-knit crop your friend only wears sometimes…

8. Meet your new best friends: accessories

The basic white tee and black skinnies combo can easily be transformed into something a lil’ more fancy with CIS’s fall ’14 accessory lineup. Toss on a scarf or bejewel yourself with our rad collection of trinkets. Check out CIS’s BASEGLIA because owls ~so cute~ and SISTIANA because chunky necklaces=badass.

9. Don’t falter, just alter

As pointed out earlier, your closet likely contains items that you can’t seem to be able to let go of, even if you never wear them. Instead of hoarding, alterations are a cost-effective way to resurrect clothing. Breathe new life into that too-long maxi skirt and make it into a mini (so hot for fall ’14).

10. Colour your life

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and honorary pink – your wardrobe should have it all, or close to. You’ll never grow bored and you’ll be able to easily incorporate a touch of colour whenever you feel like it. Following this rule is an easy way to avoid overwearing items – just cycle through the rainbow!

11.  Layers, layers, layers

Slip into that summer dress, put on tights and throw a cardigan and voilà! This is how you can incorporate your summer faves into your fall wardrobe.

12. Pin it on yo’self

If your creative juices are all tapped out, Pinterest is a great resource for fashion-spiration. Keep calm and browse on, Pinterest will show you how stuff can be worn.

13. Hair and makeup


Sometimes all you need is a slight rework from the neck up. Changing up your hair and makeup can breathe new life into your personal style and will make you feel brand new.

14. Be a DIY-er

DIY-ing your clothing is not only an awesome way to rework your wardrobe, it’s a great way to own one-of-a-kind pieces and it’s fun. Perhaps that plain grey tee can be transformed into something special with a delicate lace overlay? Just grab some glue, a pair of scissors and get crafty!

15. Socks were made for sandals

Socks with sandals? Yes. And it’s still in for fall ’14 so keep your toes cozy and stroll around with sandals on. Check out CIS’s LOVON.

16. First to last

We tend to wear the same items over and over again. Next thing you know your favourite plaid button-up is only good for Saturday’s cleaning duties.  That’s why you should immediately place today’s clothes at the back of your closet. It’ll force you to cycle through other pieces. You won’t look the same twice in a week and you’ll extend the life of your fave items!


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