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DIY: Autumn Princess Nails

Published 10/22/2014 by

Need inspiration for your nail design? Our nail artist Elfi Lemieux is here to help. Follow these 7 steps and feel like the queen of fall. And because you’re a busy bee, buy yourself some time ;) and shop our watches to complete your look!


Step 1.

Start by filing and buffing your nails. Make sure to clean them with nail polish remover as your manicure will last longer that way. Once you’re done, apply a base coat.


Step 2.

Paint your nails with a sparkly nail polish.


Step 3.

Create spots at random with a bright frosted pink polish. Simply use the brush from the bottle.


Step 4.

Repeat step 3 using a darker shade of nail polish like a soft purple and finish with an accent colour. Here I used a pearly white!


Step 5.

With a thin long brush or a liner draw flowers, leaves and lines to create an abstract fall-themed pattern.


Step 6.

Use a drop of topcoat to glue rhinestones on the nails. In order to prevent smears, allow your nails to dry first. Bonus Tip: Use your dotting tool to pick up the tiny rhinestones and to dip them into top coat!


Step 7.

Finally, apply your top coat and don’t forget to seal the edges of your nails!

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