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OOTD: Fresh off the runway

Published 10/24/2014 by

Think the best of FW14 fashion week—pattern on pattern on pattern. Details and patterns– it’s all in the fine print(s). This edgy OOTD is all about making a statement, and for this we salute you.

Wear it to wow your future (fashion industry) employer, or show your friends just how bold you are. This is NOT an outfit to wear shopping or to a movie—unless you imagine yourself shopping while starring in a movie—in which case put the glass down.

The multi-coloured, multi-patterned, slightly bejeweled sweater is so hot right now. It’s both sophisticated but with an edge that only you could pull off. The contrasting checkered, fit and flare skirt only amps up the edge factor and means this outfit is all about c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-c-e.

Add Call It Spring’s sheer peep-toe bootie ONERRASSA to give yourself a leg-up in the, um, leg department and you’ll be strutting around like you just walked off the runway.

Keep your on-trend, faux-fur shoulder bag close at hand, it’s the accessory that will give you that extra piece of cachet—as though you could be whisked away to a world of caviar and champagne at any moment (but probably not).


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