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OOTD: French New Wave

Published 11/06/2014 by

Equal parts playful and pretty, this outfit is all up on that girl-about-town vibe, perfect for those sip-and-spill sessions with your besties. If hump day has you hankering for some adventures, slide feet first into these stand-out numbers. Wear them to a wine and cheese with the gals or for a night scooter ride with a special someone.

The black cloche aka the STASI (no relation to the secret police), purple mini skirt and polka dot pullover channel some serious 60’s Jean Seberg vibes that make this OOTD perfect for a spontaneous excursion with a charming, penniless Frenchman out of a French New Wave Film. Pair it with our sparkly two-piece pumps (ABORERWEN) and you’ll feel like you’re zipping along the Seine on the back of your new loves Vespa.


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